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  1. Conrad

    Skiing on the Cheap - 2022-23

    $35 walk up lift tickets at Mt Abram, Maine everyday this season.
  2. Conrad

    Suicide Six name change

    Unlike many slang names for native Americans (i.e. "Indians," "Red Skins," "Squaws," etcetera), the Chicago Blackhawks are named after a real life native American leader named Black Hawk who fought against the U.S. in the state of Illinois. Therefore, usually the name is thought to honor his...
  3. Conrad

    Skiing on the Cheap - 2021 - 2022 Ski Season

    Is anyone familiar with the deals you get when you belong to a club affiliated with the Eastern PA Skiing Council? And whether the deals are mostly in Pennsylvania, mostly in "destination" areas, or a mixture of both? I've been thinking about joining just to see, but was curious if anyone was...
  4. Conrad

    Crotched Mountain 12-19-20 unmitigated disaster #VailFail

    Man! How soon will skiing shut down in an entire state on account of what is happening at one or more Vail owned ski areas?
  5. Conrad

    Killington Closing Juggernaut

    I remember one memorable time back during the American Ski Company days where we decided we would ski top to bottom on Juggarnaut for the last run of the day near 4 o'clock. Everything was great for the first half of the run. Then we got to the bottom of Bear and realized there was barely any...
  6. Conrad

    Skiing on the Cheap - 2017-18 Edition

    Cyber Monday Deal: Killington $77 tickets Pico $43 tickets I'm 99% sure these can be used any day of the season. http://www.killington.com/site/tickets/tickets_and_cards/special_offers/cyber-monday?utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=cybermonday&utm_medium=social
  7. Conrad

    Skiing on the Cheap - 2017-18 Edition

    Here you are: https://skivermont.com/3and5passinfo
  8. Conrad

    Skiing on the Cheap - 2016-17 Edition

    On Remontees-Mecaniques, the forum I am most active on, there is a sub-forum called "Between Members" which is only visible to those logged in. It's pretty helpful because there is one section devoted to website bugs and another section devoted to reports members have submitted that just need...
  9. Conrad

    Killington May 21, 2016

    Headed to Killington today for the afternoon. I arrived at 2:15 and was on the slope at 2:30. Skied till 4:45. The ticket was $29. The trail was top to bottom and most of it was in very good shape. Their plan is to open again next weekend. Most of the middle section is in excellent shape. The...
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  15. Conrad

    Quechee 1/17/2016

    First trip report in a while so here we go! I have been waiting for better snow conditions, but finally decided to get a warm up day in at Quechee. I got a twilight pass (2-4pm) for $16 and hit the slopes! They had two top to bottom runs open off their quad chairlift (Doppelmayr). They were...
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