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    Ski and snowboarding hills that are closing for the season

    If you look online and find their seasonal brochure, you'll get the info. I think gen pop is weekdays only, and its only open 3pm to 9pm on weekdays. BUT, fun little place, close to home, and a really good bar / restaurant overlooking the hill. We went once when they had some sort of "open...
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    Northern New England ski area locusts and their subspecies

    I smell a ski-off! Ski-off! Ski-off! Ski-off! EDIT: Where's HighwayStar been? We need a competent judge.
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    Does "Park" skiing bother you?

    Almost entirely unrelated, but for the past two years I have been trying to explain to my kids (all under six) why they can't have poles, and all they want are poles, and they like to steal dad's poles and pole around, and hit people / cars / each other with poles, which makes me yell about the...
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    Does it always piss hot rain right before or on Christmas in eastern ski country or does if just seem that way?

    A little off topic - I simply copy and pasted the image above, which I suppose means I hotlinked it. So that will forever update to the current webcam image at Catamount? Can every one see that? Is hotlinking still a faux pas? I'm computer / html ignorant.
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    Does it always piss hot rain right before or on Christmas in eastern ski country or does if just seem that way?

    Wow it's a spring day out there today.... mid 50s and sunny in Westchester County. At this rate spring skiing St. Patrick's day is in doubt. I don't think the Cats or Berks are skiing too far into March without a major change in pattern. Bummer.
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    Help with a 'Western' trip/destination

    Yeah it was miserable. First off, it was the snowiest February in the East Coast in years (1992?), we left in an absolute blizzard, late for the train, left my late 70s RWD barge stranded on a snowbank (parking lot was a complete whiteout and couldn't make out where to park) at the Croton...
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    Help with a 'Western' trip/destination

    Awesome. I'll never forget my first ski trip out west. Me and a buddy took the train (!) from NY to CO and skied Aspen for a week. This was before the internet, back when booking was done via travel agency. The train ride was just miserable all around but made for some great stories. The...
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    25th Anniversary of the Ice Storm of 1998

    I was a college student at the time too, a bit further south. One thing I remember were the stories about the impact on VT's dairy industry - they mobilized teams of college kids to go milk cows by hand as the power milkers (?) were all unable to operate, and cows can't go forever without being...
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    Different weather and winter specific forecasting Websites, Apps & Maps. What are you using?

    Dark Sky was one of the few paid apps I had on my phone, and I was disppointed they took it away. The Apple Weather app is just not as slick (for me) with the presentation.
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    Destination Ski trips and the high associated costs for Flights, Hotels, Transport & Mountain ticket comparison & Suggestions.

    Yes, the credit cards that typically cover rental car insurance might not cover a Turo, something I've read elsewhere. It's been 20 years, but there were a lot of slightly suspect motels on the CA side of south tahoe (across border from casinos) that were relatviely inexensive. Be daring and...
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    Older Senior wants to get back into skiing

    Cyclops, welcome to the forum, great post and even better username!
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    i got bored and booked a 2 week ski trip

    Ha ha! Sounds like an awesome trip. Nice daydream on an 85 degree summer day.
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    Brodie for sale

    Yeah I saw the title and thought "Newpy's time to shine;" thanks for all the great info. Only skied it once as a high schooler (early 90s) and wish I'd gone more. It may have even been on our around St. Pat's - I remember quite a bar scene for an impressionable kid.
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    Berkshire East & Catamount: 3 New Lifts, Terrain Expansions

    Awesome. We skied there last Thur (St. Pats) and Friday. Friday was 70 plus and sunny. Great last day for us. Would have preferred it to be mid April as opposed to mid march but nice way for my young kids to close the season.
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    Outdoor skiing in the desert

    I remember playing around on some dunes in California on our snowboards. Skiing was mediocre and just kind of not very fluid edge to edge, crashing was very uncomfortable.
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    How are conditions out West?

    A bit off topic buy awhile back (years?) we had a great thread about lesser known places out west (Silverton, Schweitzer, a bunch of places I'd never heard of or heard much of). I can't seem to locate that thread. If anyone else remembers it or what it was called.... little help!
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    Indy Ski Pass

    I spent a memorable week in Whitefish with some locals that are much better skiers than I am. Lots of terrain there. See if you can hook up with some folks to show you the terrain off the backside. It's a hike back from there (or thumb a ride on a snowmobile) but incredible stuff. Also check...
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    The NEW Magic Mountain

    @ ne_skier What is that ski app?