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    Advanced/Expert Womens Boots that are Warm and Wide ? :)

    Hello everyone! Winter will be here soon! :) I am looking to replace my current Tecnica Attiva Diablo boots. I like them a lot but they were always cold on my feet and i had to install a heater ( Surefoot at Killington charged me $500 for the heater.. more than i paid for the boots! :( )...
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    Looking 4 all mountain womens ski ... have Volkl Fuego Skis now

    Thank you all for the input! Decided to go with the Volkl Secret 92. I love carving and was trained by a retired racer and mostly ski on-piste.. got a deal i could not refuse! I'm now going to look to replace my old Tecnica Attiva Diablo boots! :)
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    Looking 4 all mountain womens ski ... have Volkl Fuego Skis now

    I am an advanced skiier and have been skiiing on a hardpack/carving ski.... the Volkl Fuego.... for several years now.... i love them.... i ski almost exclusively groomed trails and feel i ski them fairly confidently ... even the double diamonds at KIllington and Hunter..... but noticed that...