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    Mt Snow 20-21 Intel

    How early did you have to arrive to get that close? Last weekday I was there that lot was quite full rather early.
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    Do you own an HD TV

    Don't buy a smart TV , they aren't smart. Many don't even have access to some major streaming services like Amazon. Or their agreements change and what they have today they might not have in a year or two. Just get the latest Roku, they have agreements with almost ever service, over 4500 in all.
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    WM Article on Mount Tom

    Mount Tom is extra special to me with many great memories. My first date with my wife was night skiing there in March 1985.
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    CT Bike Swap May 20th

    for you CT riders, there's a bike swap at Powder Ridge Ski Area May 20th. It benefits the awesome kids bike program CCAP https://powderridgepark.com/first-annual-bike-swap-may-20/
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    When is there too much snow?

    did you see the pictures of Tahoe or Mammooth last month when they received 24 to 30 FEET of snow in February? They had to dig the lifts out, maybe that was too much , nah
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    Best snow cams to watch the storm

    http://www.mountsnow.com/our-media/live-cams/ Mount Snow has a few including a snow stake that is wiped clean before each storm. Of course with the wind it might not show anything accumulating.
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    10 Great Trails

    I sweat while mountain biking no mater how cold it is.Even in the low 20s with just a base layer and a thin jacket or jersey I soak both through by the end of the ride. I'm never cold except the first few minutes and usually just my fingers. The key is to ride hard for the entire ride. If I...
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    10 Great Trails

    Why do you not ride in winter? This winter has been great in southern New England for mountain biking and even road. I've been riding 3-4 days per week all winter. Last weekend I did a TB ride Sat an a road ride on Sunday. I'm in CT but Boston conditions can't be that bad?
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    Bike Log 2016

    Finished 2016 with 4357 miles, 159 rides, 315,101 ft Elev gain 242,893 Calories (= 69 lbs of weight loss, so why didn't I lose weight) breakdown MTB 653 miles Road and Gravel 3704 miles (465 Road tandem, 2310 Road single, 749 Touring/Cross bike#1, 180 new Cross bike #2 (titanium)
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    Why Ski (or snowboard)

    I married a ski date too. Our first date was March 2, 1985 . We married in 1991 and we’re still together! I remember that first date like it was yesterday. I go to pick her up and she comes to the door with very good skis taller than she was. When we get to the slopes she basically bombs the run...
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    Fat Bikes

    Nic pics Ironhippy. No snow is CT yet, well about 1/2 inch this morning that is already melted. Are you running studded tires? I'm m trying to decide if its worth the expense. I can get studded Vee Snowshoe XLs for about $250.00 pair. 45Nrth Dillingers are much more $$.
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    This might be an interesting read, Ski Inc.

    I think that's a rendition. Here are some real photos http://www.newenglandskihistory.com/lifts/viewlift.php?id=247
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    This might be an interesting read, Ski Inc.

    I think that just helped guide it and stabilize it when in the docking stations on either end. There were only two cars. Mount Snow was searching for them a few years ago. I never heard if they were ever found.
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    This might be an interesting read, Ski Inc.

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    Bike Quiver

    I bought one of these for my wife as a college graduation present in 1987! We weren't married until 1991 It was a great bike that later my brother restored and gave to his then girlfriend. It was an aqua greenish blue color.
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    Bike Quiver

    gmcunni's car quiver post had me thinking what about bikes? I'm very guilty of the N+1 syndrome, gotta have the right tool for the task here's my list, for now anyway 2016 Lynskey Pro-Cross 2016 Trek Fuel Ex 8 2016 Motobecane Night Train Bullet Fat bike 2013 Specialized Roubaix SL4 Expert...
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    Car Quiver

    2005 Subaru WRX wagon 5MT 285hp 2005 Subaru Legacy GT wagon 5MT 300hp 1999 Mazda Miata 10AE 6MT 2008 Honda Element 5MT We hate slush boxes
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    Subaru Recall

    I see a huge reliability difference between the Japanese built cars like Skifastrs WRX and the US built cars like the Outbacks Foresters, Legacys.
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    The Walking Dead

    they will, it's just so predictable. Just another new set of bad guys everyone hates that they will kill off. Then on to the next set of bad guys. We watch Game of Thrones too and we were just discussing the similarities but at least it isn't so predictable.
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    The Walking Dead

    Ok, so we just watched only part of the new season opener. Up until Glen gets bashed in the head. Just after that, actually when they were showing him still alive (I guess he's dead now). We turned it off mid show, cancelled our recording for the series. We've watched since the very first...