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    2016-2017 Resort Opening Dates

    Loon has announced a Wednesday opening.
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    March Snowmaking

    I belive that Gore made snow on Lies last night, as well as some thin spots in high traffic areas, March snowmaking is a first for them as far back as I can remember. Nothing from Whiteface and I would be shocked if they made snow, but with Gore doing it, maybe ORDA has given it's blessing...
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    Stratton cut season pass prices for 13-14

    Wow that's cheap, wonder why they cut it so much? I know people who are on the fence of buying a pass, they ski two or three weekends a year, and for $399 they probably will go for the value pass. I wonder if that's the group that they are trying to attract, in hopes that they then spend $$$ on...
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    Whiteface trip report 3/14/13

    Exactly, although Whiteface probably earned it's Iceface monkier today, I'd bet it wasn't alone in having less than stellar conditions. It's known for being icy in weather like this, and I think to post a report like this leaves the reader assuming the worst, which is an unjustice to the resort...
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    Hunter $17 tickets on friday, is it going to be a zoo?

    Well it's great that it won't be a zoo, will be even less of a zoo since unfortunately that little thing called work got in the way and I'm not going to be there :( For those who take advantage of this great deal, enjoy! -skisheep
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    Whiteface trip report 3/14/13

    Sorry to hear that. What exactly made it so terrible, was it conditions, or something about the physical mountain it's self? Hope you give Whiteface another try on a better day, it really is a great mountain, and for the most part doesn't deserve it's iceface reputation, if that was in fact...
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    Hunter $17 tickets on friday, is it going to be a zoo?

    Thread title says it all basically. Hunter is offering $17 tickets on friday if you donate 3 canned goods to their food drive. I'm thinking of taking the day off and going, but how bad are crowds there when they have an event like this? Better or worse than a typical weekend?(I try to avoid...
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    Lake Placid

    First off, welcome to Lake Placid! It’s a great place, one that I’m proud to call my second home. Hope to answer many of your questions, and if you have any more, feel free to ask. First off, a place to stay. Lake Placid ranges from inexpensive to the exact opposite. A great place that’s right...
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    Good Day Gone Bad

    Yikes, sending best wishes for a quick and full recovery... -skisheep
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    Central VT/NY condition on the ground (and in the woods)?

    Whiteface looks great from their pictures on Facebook, they are close to 100% open(only missing empire, upper northway, blazers, and some of the glades+slides). Didn't make it up there this weekend, but heard from friends conditions are great, and as long as you stay out of the base area lift...
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    7 Best Small Ski Resorts in the U.S.

    Solitude is not exactly small. The creek isn't tiny, but how on earth does that make a best list? Bachelor, Attiash, and Jay are not small, the first and the last could deserve a spot on a list, but nothing of excitement stands out to me about Attiash whatsoever. Don't know much about Wolf creek...
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    Your worst experience with a chairlift

    Last march during the torch, was at whiteface on that monday where it got up to 70 during the day, was riding the lift in shorts and a t-shirt. When loading, the summit quad runs very close to the ground for the first 50 feet or so, and clears a field before it starts going up. this field was...
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    WHY is your favorite mountain your favorite?

    Never been to the loaf, but would be inclined to agree with that based on what I've read about it, the snowfields, along with the slides, are the eastern counterparts of western skiing, although they aren't as good as the real thing. Their 2820' is nothing to sneeze at, and is 3rd in new...
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    WHY is your favorite mountain your favorite?

    As a resident of the SW CT corner of 95, trust me, it's not an easy road to drive. The stretch of 95 between NYC and New Haven(81) is ranked as one of the worst in the country for traffic, and rush hour on a friday night(assuming it's a weekend trip), while no picnic on 87, is nothing compared...
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    WHY is your favorite mountain your favorite?

    Agreed, Lake Placid is vastly superior to Stowe, yet people routinley bypass it for Stowe and others. I think that the fact that people don't know about it contributes to the vibe, it has the local flair to it that more well known and travelled places loose. Just looked up the driving times...
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    WHY is your favorite mountain your favorite?

    When it comes to Whiteface, it's got to be the sheer size of the place. It's the closest to a western ski experience you can get in the east, and the towering vertical is just too fun. Also, Lake Placid is a great ski town, and is way underrated compared to others, I'm always suprised how few...
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    Ski Busses from NYC-Reccomendations?

    Ovrride does NJ to Hunter, but they only do VT from NYC. Going to book Ovrride for tuesday, will report back with a comparison between Ovrride and Urban Sherpa. -skisheep
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    Who else missed this weekend?

    Not upset, got to enjoy digging out 19" from the backyard. Seriously though, we got hit good in CT with the blizzard, and driving was not something that was going to happen. Down here not too bad, but New Haven county was a whole different story, and to get to VT that's where we would have had...
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    Enjoying Closed runs on days with big dumps.

    At least at Whiteface, when something is closed, it probably is for a reason. Unfortunatley(but increasingly rarely), the iceface monkier rings true, and when they close stuff that looks good, that's why, it is just a sheet of ice and unskiable. Have seen people try to ski stuff that's closed...
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    Ski Busses from NYC-Reccomendations?

    Nacski is down here, but they are way more expensive than everyone else, for example, for their trip to windham this weekend, they are $117, everyone else is $85, urban sherpa is $75 if you book before wednesday(early bird special). For the same thing, there's really no benefit. -skisheep