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    Any body know anything about Hunter???

    Or even if they are. Windham's barely over 15min away.
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    In the long run, the enthusiasts direct a lot of the less die-hard skiers and word of mouth. Most of my family and friends, the 3-10 day a year crowd, ask me where to ski, where to get a pass or find a deal, when to go, etc. My dollars as one person who rarely spends much on-mountain besides...
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    02/05/22 Suicide Six

    Was there the day before, great day and agreed with pretty much all of what you wrote there. No liftline then, though. ;)
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    Any body know anything about Hunter???

    While I think there's no (good) excuse for not having just about everything aside from maybe 44 + Taylors open at this point or being in the staffing situation they appear to be in, getting the West Side open represents far more lift/skier capacity than opening E lift does. And Colonels +...
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    RFID Rant

    I have no problem with RFID. I have a significant problem with the $5 fee tacked on for getting a card by many ski areas, as it's entirely unjustified and serves as yet another way to sneakily rip off first-time/infrequent skiers. RFID cards cost just about nothing. A few cents more than a...
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    Any body know anything about Hunter???

    Not a Vail fan in the least, but IMO they're not exactly in the wrong here. Naming your hotel the exact same thing as the ski area's full name is a bit much. It is the 2nd result on Google Maps and I wouldn't be surprised if it occasionally leads to confused tourists for those coming in from the...
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    Burke Mountain - 2/8/2020

    There's not much more to say. Show up with a valid pass to another area, $45 ticket. Every day, no blackouts. Day trip range for me, so I can't tell you much there other than that they do clearly have a large hotel.
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    Burke Mountain - 2/8/2020

    Date(s) Skied: 2/8/2020 Resort or Ski Area: Burke Mountain Trip Report: Too cold to want to take pics, unfortunately. So, I had never been there before and yesterday seemed like a prime opportunity. Their $45 ticket deal for people with a pass to another mountain is a nice policy...
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    New storm on the way

    Switched over to all snow (and coming down fast, for now at least) around 2pm at about 500' elevation in the Hanover area. Morning was an unpleasant mess, though.
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    New storm on the way

    Finally, something seems to be lining up. Think I'm going to give Burke a shot with how this is looking.
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    Dartmouth Skiway - 1/20/20

    Date(s) Skied: 1/20/20 Resort or Ski Area: Dartmouth Skiway Conditions: Powder! Or at least what passes for it this season. Probably about 6" of fresh to start the day. Trip Report: Spent ~9-1 out there. Only the Winslow side was open. Good cover on the main snowmaking runs, skied at...
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    Whaleback Mountain Updates

    They're finally got their lift fixed, spinning tomorrow at 8AM according to my inbox. Only one run open off the main lift for now, storm tomorrow night ought to help.
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    Commit to Ski Plattekill this Year

    Plattekill: Some excellent terrain, especially when the snow is good. Unlike many resorts, if they're at least half open or so, there's far more trail capacity than there is lift (not that lift lines are common either). Every chair can be going up full and you're still not going to feel crowded...
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    Killington Questions

    Roundabout, Helter Skelter, and Racer's Edge are worth mentioning as well. Roundabout is probably the trail that's the narrowest overall run. Big Dipper, Squeeze Play for the former. Not really for the latter, at least at K. Been a while since I was at Pico, but I think they've got some runs...
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    Whaleback Mountain - 3/8/18

    Date(s) Skied: 3/8/18 (night) Resort or Ski Area: Whaleback Mountain, NH Conditions: Powder, powder everywhere. Trip Report: So. I've night skied before, I've powder skied before, I don't think I've ever powder skied at night before. I'd also never been to Whaleback before. The...
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    Killington summer improvements

    K-1 operates way more hours a year (much longer ski season operations, summer operations, etc). Mechanically, those cabins have a lot more abuse on them.
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    Hunter's lifts...........or lack of now!!

    Good reply from the mountain. While it would have been better to get something like that out there sooner, I'm glad to see it now. Thanks for posting it for the non-passholders DMC. Agreed with the others as well: Two lifts with odd and repeated electrical problems sure sounds like an issue...
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    Hunter's lifts...........or lack of now!!

    I don't think anyone reasonable is blaming the rank and file employees for issues. They do the best they can with the resources and direction they're given, same as anywhere. Whether or not there are enough employees, resources, proper procedures, etc, lies at the hands of management. The...
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    Gore Mountain - 2/10-2/11

    Yeah it was, I was just so drenched by the early afternoon that I had to call it quits. Wish I'd brought my hiking rain gear instead of ski gear. I'd never thought about that before, but you're right. I think there's one up at the top of the main face and that's basically it.
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    Gore Mountain - 2/10-2/11

    Date(s) Skied: 2/10-2/11 Resort or Ski Area: Gore Mountain Conditions: Snow - Good, variable but little to no ice or dirt/rocks. Weather - R*in/terrible. Trip Report: Snow was actually in solid shape everywhere. Base depths weren't huge but there wasn't much poking out on the trails as...