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    Ski and snowboarding hills that are closing for the season

    Just scrolled through the last month of their posts, and I'm not seeing that posted. Their website calendar has Woodward and Plazapalooza scheduled till mid-May like usual. The 156 day record in the last 80-years doesn't make sense either. When I lived there, I skied July 4th weekend ~2010ish...
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    Any body know anything about Hunter???

    Was it not 4? Was it not 10? What was the false info? By the time I got home at 4:30, they had already updated the page with all the lifts being closed and the crowd had moved out on the webcam. How bad was it and what was actually open on the North and West?
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    I would genuinely like to see an LCA on this from the Vail sustainability manager. Would make a good project for a grad student.
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    Mt Snow 21-22 Season

    $92 (($106 w/tax & fees)/night off Expedia.
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    Mt Snow 21-22 Season

    Perfect--thank you. Hadn't even noticed I could drop straight into Sunbrook area off Nitro. That would be ideal to lap Beartrap a few times early.
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    Mt Snow 21-22 Season

    Heading up Fri for my first time at Mt. Snow. Discussion on lift times and how to link chairs to get to the summit is extremely helpful. Staying at Mountaineer Inn and debating walking from there or moving my rig to the lot. If I walk to Carinthia base, can I ski down to GSE/Bluebird from...
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    Mt Snow 21-22 Season

    Never skied Mount Snow before. Will be skiing Hunter Fri and debating heading up for Sat. What are the chances more terrain opens on the North Face considering what it looked like pre-storm and historical precedent? How crowded is that area typically on weekends?