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    Ski and snowboarding hills that are closing for the season

    Last call for 22/23 season at Gunstock is Sunday April 2.
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    Tenney Mountain

    The distinction isn’t always s great as we like to make it keeping in mind that Scotland and Ireland are all of 12 miles apart at the nearest.
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    Weekend Speculation Thread - The Presidential Edition! 2/16-17

    Grab your passport and keep driving. Le Massif reports 60 cm of new snow w/ more in the way. I’m Headed up to QC on Sunday to ski there and Mont. Ste. Anne.
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    Cold/flu: power through?

    I rely on folk wisdom ... Drown a fever, Drown a cold.
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    Le Massif and Mont-Sainte-Anne

    Skied MSA and Le Massif last year and in 2010. Stayed in Quebec City both times. Condo in St. Roch in 2010 and Auberge St. Antoine in the lower city last year. Going up President’s day week this year and staying slopside at MSA. Will make the 1/2 hr drive back to the city at least once for a...
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    Ragged: Mon. 1/7

    I remember that lady from the 09/10 and 10/11 seasons you are correct about her being the GOAT of lifties! Ragged hasn’t one close to her since then. But that early RFID system was the worst! It was a monument to fail! Last year was the first year in recent memory that I have seen the crew...
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    Ragged: Mon. 1/7

    Snow was plenty firm but groomed nicely with very few icy spots. Most of the of the non-glade trails were open. Every thing opened was groomed. Exhibition to Birches was the run of the day. Also liked uppercut and lower crewcut. Good to see that they are putting some effort into these...
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    Advice: beginner ski lessons near Boston

    Hard to argue with FREE. This program is top notch. I ski at Ragged a mostly due to the convenience from Boston (>2 hrs my door to the lift line). Little anecdote to support my opinion: Last year on a mid week day with small crowds I was on the lift and started BSing with a retired guy...
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    The right short ski for intermediate skier

    Too long. He said 160 dammit!
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    Sandpoint Idaho, any one been?

    I Was there a few times a while (12 years ?). Skiberg's info will be more valuable. But here's a non-locals take. Best airport access was through Spokane. It's about 2 - 2 1/2 hrs from there. I went by way of Kalispel once and I wouldn't advise that in the winter. Overall i liked the...
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    Ragged Mtn 2016-17 Season Thread

    Based on my visit on Wed. 3/29 it's safe to say that when they call it quits this weekend there will be plenty of snow left. Most everything but the trees were open and very little brown anywhere to be seen. Little bit firm bear the tops of most trails and more like mashed potatoes near the...
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    Ragged Mtn 2016-17 Season Thread

    Your prediction was right on the money. On Thursday, The groomed trails had some of the best snow I've ever seen at Ragged. Ungroomed wasn't bad on Raggae glades and Birches either. Spear quad was on wind hold until 10:30 but when they opened flying Yankee was sublime. Showboat had great...
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    Ragged Mtn 2016-17 Season Thread

    Interested in knowing how much time/miles you folks are saving by using New Canada rd. I've been going to Ragged for years and by my reckoning it's about 5 mi and 5 minutes in exchange for hard driving and suspension abuse even in an 4wd or AWD. But then again I'm my own mechanic and I ain't...
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    New Year's Eve & Day - Crowds

    Big thank you to the folks that stayed home nursing a hangover on 1/1. Ragged was very manageable on New Years day. Arrived at quarter to ten and got one of the last spots in the top parking lot. Lodge was busy with families etc. but not crazy. Most importantly we never waited longer than a...
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    "Whales" or "wales"?

    Beg to differ. You can tune a piano but you can't tune a downward velocity vector on Bunny Buster.
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    Ragged Mtn 2016-17 Season Thread

    For all its limitations I think Ragged's a a good bet at $250. At least it is for me. It's as close to Boston as any respectable ski area. If it's a great snow year you'll get decent variety and trees. When it doesn't it's usually OK. This week it gave me the chance to spend a couple of hours...
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    Ragged Mtn 2016-17 Season Thread

    Wed. Report. Cold, clear skies, hard pack and no company on the trails. Four ways down. Ridge, newfound, chute and wild side. That is all.
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    Prepaid ticket/vouchers wasted

    Agreed. Skis chattered pretty hard on First quarter of Upper walking boss but the rest of the trail skied well considering how firm it was and catching some unexpected full sun was a real treat. I Liked angel street, lower flume and Rampasture today. Glad that I didn't give into my Gondi...
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    Prepaid ticket/vouchers wasted

    -0- :spread: Late season sprint burned last two at Loon on 3/30 and 4/6. Both double B days: Bluebird and boilerplate. Actually today had enough fresh from the Sunday/Monday event to make it sort of edgeable kudos to their groomers!
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    Loon 3/30

    Was on the lift at 10:30 hoping that the bluebird conditions and spring temps would soften the boilerplate. Like many plans .... This one fell short. After a couple of laps on the Kanc Quad , Blue Ox and Rummer runner I headed to the North Peak. Did a few Laps on Walking Boss which was hard...