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  1. Mildcat

    Skiing on the cheap - 2018-19

    Groupon has Crotched Midnight Madness tix for $30 and use coupon code GET50 for 50% off. I haven't tried it but figured I'd post it because $15 sounds like a really good deal. Coupon ends 2/16. https://www.groupon.com/deals/crotched-mountain
  2. Mildcat

    Sunday River So Far

    Most of the trails still had great coverage yesterday. A few natural trails like uppercut and crossbow were getting really thin as the week went on. I don't think I'd ski those today. Didn't see any glades open despite the report saying Northwoods and Wizards Gulch are open. Agony looked like it...
  3. Mildcat

    Is Jay Peak Resort Over-inflating Snowfall Totals???

    Don't really care about stats at this point. I was there for the first time Sun,Mon, and Tues and it was great.
  4. Mildcat

    Gerry Outdoor Gear is Back and at Costco

    A few months ago they had what looked to be spyder core sweater knock offs for $30. I was going to buy one but the next time I went they were gone. I never heard of the brand Gerry but they looked well made.
  5. Mildcat

    The Walking Dead

    Good episode but man do I hate cliffhangers. I think it was Eugene or Abraham at the end.
  6. Mildcat

    Sunday River Nov 1st, 2015

    It was actually pretty good. The bottom section looks worse than it was. No crowds while I was there. I'm glad I went today, unless the forecasts are wrong I can't see them being open next week.
  7. Mildcat

    The Walking Dead

    How is it the walkers lose their hair, their skin practically falls right off, but they all have a great set of teeth? Must practice good dental hygiene.
  8. Mildcat

    The 2014-2015 TJ MAXX & Marshalls thread

    I bought a Helly Hansen Motion Jacket at the Northborough store for $199. They only had green but I happen to like green. :-) Nice jacket though, HH's version of G-Tex, Prima Loft insulation, thumb loops, detachable hood.
  9. Mildcat

    Painting your skis

    The section I quoted he was talking about painting his poles, auto paint would be fine for that.
  10. Mildcat

    Painting your skis

    Do it yourself and save quite a bit of money. It's easy enough. If you have a spray gun Createx Auto Air makes a fairly cheap product and if you don't have one you can use spray cans. I believe Plasti Dip even makes some so you could keep changing colors.
  11. Mildcat

    The Walking Dead

    What kind of beer would go best with that?
  12. Mildcat

    The Walking Dead

    I was eating bbq chicken for dinner while watching that, Not too many things can make me lose my appetite but that did.
  13. Mildcat

    Helmet audio

    Well it's nice to know if I'm ever skiing Death Valley this headset can handle it. :lol: These are the older model, the newer ones are good down to -20F.
  14. Mildcat

    Helmet audio

    http://www.uclear-digital.com/en/UCLEAR_HBC120_SNOW Just bought these from The Clymb. Had a 30% off coupon, ended up buying two pairs for just under $100.
  15. Mildcat

    Where to take my dad on Monday 2/17 - considering Pico...any other suggestions?

    What about Cannon? Good mix of trails for both of you and three hours even from Providence.
  16. Mildcat

    AlpineZone Summit 5.0 2/7/14 - 2/9/14

    Thanks to all involved with putting this trip together. We had a blast. The early tracks are a great perk. P.O.V clip of early tracks.
  17. Mildcat

    Loon November 9th

    According to their website they're closed Mon-Thurs.
  18. Mildcat

    Sunday River Top to Bottom on Sat Nov 9th.

    Do you know if they're staying open for the holiday Monday?