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  1. andyzee

    Nicks and Stef's Steakhouse in NYC do you guys owned this place?

  2. andyzee

    What are you drinking right now?

    Colon cleanser
  3. andyzee

    Include Season-Pass costs into Federal form at tax time....y/n?

    As soon as I read the subject those were my thoughts as well. When I looked at the post had to do a double take to see who it was.
  4. andyzee

    Most Intimidating Trails

    Yep, coverage is main issue on Royal Flush. If you have good coverage, not that bad.
  5. andyzee

    legalize it already

    Yes, it's a big scan, bit it it what it it.
  6. andyzee

    Belleayre Funding draws criticism from private catskills resorts

    I ski VT/NH/Whiteface 20-45 days a year, those are a weekend trips for me. Catskills are great for day trip.
  7. andyzee

    legalize it already

    not the same as a pharmecutical getting, 1,2,3, or more hundred a month for their worthless meds.
  8. andyzee

    legalize it already

    Very good reason, you can grow it yourself and not be dependent on pharmacutical companies
  9. andyzee

    "Toughest" Marathon?

    I've run the New Jersey Waterfront Marathon twice (no longer in existence). Each time it was a differnt route, first time started in Liberty State Park in Jersey city went into North Bergen and back. Second time around (kind of cool) started at the halfway point of the George Washington bridge...
  10. andyzee

    legalize it already

    Wrong on this count " As we all know, you cannot patent a plant or the naturally occurring compounds in the plant. For this reason, major pharmaceutical companies realized there was no money to be made, and were not interested in producing the plant. " A pharmacuetical company just got a patent...
  11. andyzee

    Belleayre Funding draws criticism from private catskills resorts

    I will in advance apologize to Bellyeare skiers. You couldn't pay me to go to Bellyeare
  12. andyzee

    Most Intimidating Trails

    Well if you really want to get into it, talk Tux.
  13. andyzee

    How would identify yourself?

    Look at my driver's liscense and mirror.
  14. andyzee

    Most Intimidating Trails

    Think Upper V is a bit steeper. With Lower O, I've sat in the lodge many times and watched people fall and just slide until they hit the trees at the bottom.
  15. andyzee

    Most Intimidating Trails

    For Killington, Ovation when the lower part is frozen and a frozen upper Vertigo. Both doable, but hairy