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  1. Breckenridge, CO 2/1/12

    Breckenridge, CO 2/1/12

  2. 1423264622198.jpg


  3. vdk03

    Bromley 2/3/15

    Nice! Sounds like a great day. Did you get to ski the plunge?
  4. vdk03

    AlpineZone Summit 6.0 - February 6-8, 2015

    Looking good! Ski Stef and I are headed to the DIA now!
  5. vdk03

    Calling All Knuckledraggers

    If you're looking for traditional camber I'd go with the the custom x.....about a 166
  6. vdk03

    AZ Summit 6.0 changes?

    Just out of curiosity, did anybody that has posted in this thread not get to ski/ride first tracks last year that wanted to?
  7. vdk03


    The best way to learn is to do it with an experienced friend there talking you through it. If that is not possible I'd recommend watching a few YouTube videos on how it's done. Just don't pop the bladder or the stomach and you will be fine. Good luck this season and be safe!
  8. vdk03


    This one was by ski stef at vail two seasons ago. The popularity of go pros have made it a lot easier to get decent action shots on the slopes.
  9. vdk03

    What are you drinking right now?

    Espolòn tequila over ice. Happy Cinco de Mayo:beer:
  10. vdk03

    Major tumble at Breck

    Wow...extremely lucky. Lake chutes are no joke, glad you're ok
  11. vdk03

    Breckenridge Snowiest Resort in America

    Wolf Creek is looking real good, trip might be in order
  12. vdk03

    Vermont Olympic Athletes

    I thought this was an interesting little article on the breakdown of the US athletes. CHART: Vermont Produces An Incredible Number Of Winter Olympians CORK GAINES TODAY AT 1:49 AM 90 Of the 230 athletes on the United States Winter Olympic team, nearly 10% (20) call California home, one...
  13. vdk03

    Breckenridge Snowiest Resort in America

    ^depends on the time of your visit...our ski chalet has been pretty booked up. We may have an opening mid-march, I'll check the books and get back to you
  14. vdk03

    Breckenridge Snowiest Resort in America

    According to OnTheSnow.com Breckenridge resort received the most snowfall in the USA during the month of January:snow: It hasn't been a bad start to the month of February as well with 41" falling within the last 7 days. What an awesome way to the season rolling...
  15. vdk03

    AlpineZone Summit 5.0 2/7/14 - 2/9/14

    Great morning! The fresh cord was awesome during First tracks this am!:D
  16. vdk03


    thanks guys that's good to hear, hopefully the trend continues
  17. vdk03


    This is the 5x5 elk I shot a few weeks ago here in Summit County. It took a few days to get the whole thing packaged and in the freezer. Just this weekend I finished the the final steps by grinding up 50lbs of the scraps into burger, hot Italian sausage and summer sausage (with some much...
  18. vdk03

    Breckenridge, CO 11/10/13

    We were shooting for a 70s Warren Miller remake Sent from my C771 using AlpineZone mobile app