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  1. 57stevey

    2/24/2020 Mid-week at Sunapee -- Not exactly Lake Tahoe, but the view is worth it

    Not for me, really. Nor is this - That Sunapee sign for me looks like it belongs on the side of a bus
  2. 17919537763_facfaf4fde_b.jpg


  3. 57stevey

    Gunstock 3/16/2019

    How have the Sunday crowds been? any chance I can get a place to sit in the uppermost lodge around 930am on a Sunday?
  4. 57stevey

    Bretton Woods 3-20

    Thanks for the intel!
  5. 57stevey

    Bretton Woods 3-20

    Were you in the glades at all? Wondering if they had any base left before this last storm...
  6. 57stevey

    Off-Season Gear Plans

    Have a pair of 2016/17 Nordica Enforcer 100's and some NOS 2015 Griffons sitting in my basement ready to mount up, w00t
  7. 57stevey

    Death at Cannon

    There is some sort of fencing at the bottom of TBD trail, so I should think it can be accomplished elsewhere on the premises...
  8. 57stevey

    Learn any lessons from this winter?

    This. My best day was on a sketchy forecast day when I wasn't really pumped to go and tickets were full price, and it turned into a semi-private mini-pow day at Mittersill.
  9. 57stevey

    Cannon Lover's Thread

    ^^^ Good intel, thanks!
  10. 57stevey

    Cannon Lover's Thread

    Has anyone yet skied Skyline/Ridge/TBD in its current state? Any trails on Cannon proper you would say are comparable?
  11. 57stevey

    2015-2016 Ski Voucher and BOGO thread

    I have one of those Irving BOGO's with the gas slips, free to the first PM. https://www.theirving.com/default.aspx?pageid=2062
  12. 57stevey

    Worst Ski Season Ever?

    Thank you for this post. I was on the fence about coming today but glad I did, the groomers are indeed in good shape.
  13. 57stevey

    Cannon Lover's Thread

    I notice in today's report Baron's is open with "man-made conditions, experts only"... this a new one on me, but I guess Bypass will be the same for tomorrow. Does this translate to "sheet of ice" in English?
  14. 57stevey

    Friday 4/10/15; warmth and rain forecast

    +1... I was having fun on Agassiz and in those glades off Avalon, but I will say I was wishing for a shuttle bus back to the Zephyr!
  15. 57stevey

    Mount Sunapee - Mar. 25, 2015 Weds.

    I've been a handful of times (including this past Wednesday) and they either actively encouraged pairing up, or on a few occasions they just gave me the half off. Never an issue.
  16. 57stevey

    2014-2015 Ski Voucher and BOGO thread

    I still have a couple available with all the gas receipts, ready to go.
  17. 57stevey

    2014-2015 Ski Voucher and BOGO thread

    I have 2 of the Irving BOGO's to give away. (I actually have enough receipts to make up a 3rd BOGO but we're out of the forms at my local station.) PM me.
  18. 57stevey

    Do you smoke?

    3 years this coming Monday. Chantix. Hope I didn't wait too long.
  19. 57stevey

    Skiing on the Cheap - 2014-15 Edition

    How is the Groupon ticket delivered? Is it a printable voucher that one could use the next day?