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  1. Sky

    (h)Opening Day Thread 2018-2019

    Heh...a few bare spots at Wildcat. Great pics regardless.
  2. Sky

    Universal versus temperature specific ski wax (how much difference)

    I started using "Saucer Wax" about 10 years ago. Their waxes have a very larger temperature range. www.saucerwax.net They have three basic ranges plus race overlays (for those interested). Interesting owner.
  3. Sky

    Why Ski (or snowboard)

    I have a photo from years back. I just pinned it up on the wall of my cubicle. Three of my ski pals stopped on the slope, bluebird day, everyone is smiling. Like minded people enjoying themselves and the camaraderie at the same time. Awesome.
  4. Sky

    Spyder Race shorts Size L

    BUMP. It's that time of year when gear whores "need" a fix. :> I'll put them in Wachusett's October sale if they aren't gone by then. Gone. Moderators feel free to delete.
  5. Sky

    Beer League Skis

    Great comment about the style of the course. Definitely a factor. The Cheater skis (the Atomic/Fisher/et al non-FIS race skis) definitely hold better in the (typically) skied-off ruts (assuming you keep your edges healthy). I had the Fischer RC4 and loved it. 18M radius. Like Hawkshot99...
  6. Sky

    Spyder Race shorts Size L

    Size large. Black. $30 I only wore them once...without the suspenders. They kept sliding down the GS suit. :> It was a stupid purchase. Night league was two races...and then put clothes back on and free-ski till whenever. My frivolous purchase can be your bargain. :> Here's a link to...
  7. Sky

    FS SWIX Race poles

    SOLD! 18 March 16. To a former team member. He tried them and realized the benefits. Moderators...feel free to delete. 140CM, SWIX Red $50 Now that the race skis are gone...time to lose some of the associated stuff. These were great for a quality start out of the gate and for the first...
  8. Sky

    FS Fischer RC4 180 Beer League skis

    Aw yeah....they were amazing. It was tough letting them go. The buyer isn't a racer. I wish I could have passed them on to someone who would have "cared" for them the way I did. But I got over that a few hours later.
  9. Sky

    FS Fischer RC4 180 Beer League skis

    Wa-Loaf....I'd love to make it up some Thursday night. Still having trouble staying up after 9PM. :< We shall see.
  10. Sky

    FS Fischer RC4 180 Beer League skis

    Sold today. Sad to see them go, but it was time.
  11. Sky

    Right Ski , Left Ski ?

    H'ya...I think it sounds great, no idea what they cost or who makes them. Summit ski shop in Framingham is where I heard it. I'm sure you can find them wherever. If you score a pair, be sure to post pics and info.
  12. Sky

    Right Ski , Left Ski ?

    That was the plan...but the shop was concerned because the boot "lugs" are "hollow". They didn't want to compromise the boot's integrity. I went back to them earlier this season to re-check my alignment (I forgot my specifics). They said there are bindings available now to accommodate...
  13. Sky

    Right Ski , Left Ski ?

    My right leg requires an "alignment" adjustment. I have layers of duct tape on one binding to make the correction. If I didn't have the alignment issue, I wouldn't worry about a left/right ski.
  14. Sky

    FS Fischer RC4 180 Beer League skis

    Finally got the photos. The debris on the left edge of pic#4 is fingernail scrapings. No base damage, Great "structure" (thank you Ski Md). Head Freeflex racing binding (DIN 14)
  15. Sky

    FS Fischer RC4 180 Beer League skis

    I looked them over last night. I'll get pics up by tomorrow. Definitely HEAD bindings. Race "FreeFlex". DIN ranges up to 14. Edges appear to be in great shape. Carved some fingernail just to check. A hot scrape, base and race layer...roto brush finish...touch up with the diamond...
  16. Sky

    FS Fischer RC4 180 Beer League skis

    Time to free these skis up to someone looking to step up in their night league....or to have a pair of speedy stix in the quiver. These skis are 5 or 6 years old, but were treated with respect. Originally tuned by Ski Md. Well maintained by me subsequently. I haven't used them for three years...
  17. Sky

    Home from the hospital : update

    Glad to hear things went so well...and are looking to get better sooner than expected. CONGRATS! Enjoy Thursday!
  18. Sky

    My ski career MAY be over 😢

    Great news regarding your heart! Best of luck on the surgery. Just started a group exercise program. Wasn't getting there on my own. :>
  19. Sky

    2015/16 Snow tire thread

    I will be selling a set of four Blizzaks (sp?) soon. Great shape. Kept them balanced and aligned....on in Dec...off in early April. Tons of tread. We sold the car (donated actually). Ill post the size here tonight.