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  1. ctenidae

    Today I felt old because...

    A little twist - the other day I felt YOUNG because I went on a bungee jumper trampoline thing, and after doing a couple of back flips the kid running it was amazed and said he didn't think his Dad could do that, but he's old, like 40 or something. I felt great, except after about 10 minutes I...
  2. ctenidae

    Covid Vaccine

    The fringes of both sides are louder and more powerful than usual, for sure. The worst part is the "leaders" at the fringes are far better, and more cynical, critical thinkers than the people they (mis)lead. To me, the vaccine calculus is pretty easy - getting it is the lower risk, low effort...
  3. ctenidae

    Covid Vaccine

    I think you're probably right - before long the pandemic will just be endemic. I predict that within a month, February at the latest, you won't see "booster" anymore. Instead it will just be the "third dose." The thing about novel viruses is we don't know anything about them, so initial...
  4. ctenidae

    Covid Vaccine

    One of my business partners, an MD, summed it up thusly: The potential risks of the vaccine are far smaller than the known risks of getting COVID. There are no known side effects from the vaccines that are anywhere near at least one known effect of the virus. The biggest trouble across the...
  5. ctenidae

    Huntington's Disease hope for cure everyday

    Scotty - sorry to hear about your diagnosis - you don't need us to tell you it sucks. Did a quick search, and there are a dozen clinical trials currently recruiting for Huntington's: THIS ONE is a dosing study and very small, but worth a shot depending on your stage and the study...
  6. ctenidae


    We got a Helix hybrid a few months ago- love it. Very comfy, and it isolates movement very well, without feeling like you're sleeping inside The Blob.
  7. ctenidae

    The most dreaded thread of the year.... The Closing thread......

    Catamount's not selling past 3/31. On Friday a couple of staff implied they're about done. If it weren't getting into the 60's this week they probably have enough base to go a couple weeks more, but this will hurt. Going up to Butternut today, we'll see how she looks.
  8. ctenidae

    Timid Teddy

    That beagle nose (and personality!) will get him into all kinds of mischief. I'm jealous- our Mastiff's favorite activity is to stand on the deck and let out a "woof" that rattles windows at the end of the street. She's a total sweety and awesome with kids, but 165 pounds is a lot of dog to get...
  9. ctenidae

    Posting Fatigue

    Dang - that's tough to hear. Here's hoping for a full recovery.
  10. ctenidae

    Posting Fatigue

    Just wanted to point out you did this recently. Randomly trolling old threads while on a conference call...
  11. ctenidae

    Timid Teddy

    Nice Pointer stack there- he will be able to spot every bird, squirrel, bug, and leaf visible from your boat.
  12. ctenidae

    2/27/21 Catamount - great mountain, rough conditions

    Took the kids to Catamount for 3-9pm night skiing. It rained all morning, but cleared out early afternoon. Fair amount of fog, some slush and slop around, as you'd expect. Felt late-Springy, hopefully the cold over the past few days helps them recover. Overall, we had a great time. Enough...
  13. ctenidae

    legalize it already

    Virginia joined the present, too. First Old South state to do it
  14. ctenidae

    Mars Rover launched successfully

    The rocket powered sky crane idea is cool, and the rover itself is remarkable, and it even has a helicopter, which is amazing. Incredible that it all worked correctly. Nice work.
  15. ctenidae

    Season passes and Covid restrictions

    I hope so, too. But, Butternut's $400 pass for next year gets you season pass access to the mountain through March this year, when it's useful. If other mountains throw on a similar deal, might be worth getting a season pass for next year just to have access this year.
  16. ctenidae

    Season passes and Covid restrictions

    Well, I answered for myself - yes. Butternut is giving March this season free to 21/22 purchasers, at $339 that's not a bad deal.
  17. ctenidae

    Season passes and Covid restrictions

    Question - If you have a season pass to a mountain, can you just go any time you want, Covid-driven capacity restrictions be damned? Trying to navigate sold out dates that seem to be getting worse, and in some cases seems a season pass that catches the end of this season might be worth it just...
  18. ctenidae

    Covidian Quandry

    The advice against having kids was intended to be tongue in cheek - there have been many many benefits. But they did wreck our skiing for a while. Belleayre was nice, but a tough mountain to navigate the first time there, especially with a 7 year old who hates the flats. A few inches of new...
  19. ctenidae

    Covidian Quandry

    For those of you keeping score at home, we're taking the 7 year old to Belleayre on Thursday. Very much looking forward to seeing how she does on something bigger than Mohawk. Thanks to all for the guidance - much appreciated.
  20. ctenidae

    COVID concerns in the Northeast

    I think I saw the horse twitch a minute ago, so thought I'd take a whack... The real nugget of blame to ascribe does land at the feet of one person(s), and to my thinking it is Trump's. The virus was novel (it's even in the name), and it behaved in some pretty unexpected ways - a massively wide...