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  1. Warp Daddy

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Love playing that 20 minute first track including Syrinx. Hell only a Eunuch or Geddy can sing that high 🤣🤣 chit.
  2. Warp Daddy

    What music are you listening to right now?

    I don't listen ,I Play my axe . Last nite played the 2112 album,it's a Rush (pun intended) hadn't played it in like 5 years ,love it bcuz I get to use beaucoup special effects in my effects generator to mix the sound Now to keep everyone happy in the hood 😏I play thru the headset and set up...
  3. Warp Daddy


    And just like a bad penny I'm back again haven't been around in a long time 🤪 I woke up this morning to a effen gully washer that had me taking my life in my hands just walking a damn trash can out to the end of our driveway for pickup So conditions for the weekend are definitely going to...
  4. Warp Daddy

    Ideal ski towns for the future factoring in all issues?

    I see i haven't missed much during my hiatus 🙄. Bitchers gonna bitch, sometimes i wonder why anyone would want to moderate , seems almost masochistic . But hang in there guys , don't let the bullshit wear u down. Longtime no talkee to DHS and JimG , glad u guys are well
  5. Warp Daddy

    What music are you listening to right now?

    When playing i move in cycles : Right now i am back into cranking my axes out with Clapton era stuff , the anthem stuff : Badge , Crossroads , Bad Love and Cocaine
  6. Warp Daddy

    Who is your favorite musician?

    Im doing lead singers here : Plant !! but right now one most of you may never have heard of : Anne Marie Castellano !( YOU TUBE : BAND GEEKS )chick has platinum pipes and with her husband Richie ( best guitarist ive heard in friggin decades ) they cover damn near everyone to PERFECTION ...
  7. Warp Daddy

    Speculation about MLK weekend storm....

    i got a foot of blower. In my yard overnight. Light n fluffy
  8. Warp Daddy

    Skier Dies in Avalanche at Taos

    I have a friend who was there when it happened ' , but they were not in thes Kachina Peak area of the venue. . They said the skiing has been really choice Prior to the. Avalanche
  9. Warp Daddy

    Coldest you have ever skied?

    Agree!! Live 105 miles NORTH of Whiteface and Gore andit s brutal here and at several Laurentian areas we ski at . These particular masks are well worth the cost . If you hunt extra bonus
  10. Warp Daddy

    Coldest you have ever skied?

    My two are Polarwrap , both are partial masks the smaller one covers nose mouth etc , th elarger unot extends as a bib down into your jacket . BOth are fastened by velcro . There is a copper insert that does the magic .. Not sure they are still avaible mine are between 5 -7 yrs old , they work...
  11. Warp Daddy

    Coldest you have ever skied?

    No problem for me . Been using themfor a decade
  12. Warp Daddy

    Coldest you have ever skied?

    Get a heat exchanger mask with an insert that take warms the cold air before you inhale it . Works like a charm ' i have 2 . XAfter open heart surgery, i had to be careful about breathing cold air and being one who lies to ski relatively fast , These puppies do the job
  13. Warp Daddy

    Coldest you have ever skied?

    Ok i belong to a ski posse of approx 30 who rook several annual 3 day trips toTremblant a couple of times ayear . So We rent a great old resort on Lac Superier on the back side ( Versant Nord ) that was a monastery at one time. Why ?? Because some of the guys were priests and theygot us great...
  14. Warp Daddy

    Ski boot covers for the cold

    Have used them for years , great results .Put 'em on in the lodge and leave 'em on till you're done .
  15. Warp Daddy

    Gore 12/9/18

    Have Skied Gore for decades , great venue and vert ,something for everyone ! 9 venues on basically 4 peaks mostly ski on skiing . Very decent interconnects Even on Presidents week , once off the gondi the 9 sides provide great value and primarily no lines . If you like glades well , u can go...
  16. Warp Daddy


    Got mine for my 2018 Outback LTD , hmmmmm
  17. Warp Daddy

    2015 Golf Thread

    Just finished my season so at 75 , averaged 80 for 42 rounds , 1.90 / hole putting avg. so pretty satisfied at this age .
  18. Warp Daddy

    Big Tupper moving forward

    GLAD U. Liked it. ST !! Sorry i missed u on that trip ! Yup Titus still has the bridge and tunnel unique and fun to try . It has been my home speed bump for years . They list 1250 vert but thats from upper mtn to the base of peak number 1 . There are 3 peaks and 4 separate venues all Hall...