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  1. Philpug

    Could use some help planning a trip out west

    Just come to Tahoe. If you MUST spend time in a car, head down to Mammoth.
  2. Philpug

    Alpine Mtn to be auctioned

    450 vert. I grew up there when it was Timber Hill. I hope it reopens, areas like Alpine Mtn are important as feeder hills.
  3. Philpug

    FYI Starthaus is having their Nordica Blem Sale.

    Still some great deals to be had. Quantities are good on Helldorados, Steadfasts and women's skis.
  4. Philpug

    Blizzard Skis

    Ill get another pair. Plus I have the Brahmas
  5. Philpug

    Blizzard Skis

    I wish I knew..I just sold my Bonafides.
  6. Philpug

    Blizzard Skis

    The Brahma is a Bushwacker with a Bonafide construction and a slightly stiffer tail. It is a Bonafide for the east and the compromise you are looking for.
  7. Philpug

    Do lobster (3-finger) gloves really work?

    I use the Hestra Heli-Mitts as my regular glove. Mine are about 4 years old and are great in a multitude of temps. I like them more that a traditional mitten or glove.
  8. Philpug

    Mad River Barn

    It hasn't been the same since Craig and Vicki moved to Taos.
  9. Philpug

    Diesel Fans 2013/14 cars

    Faux Wheel Drive
  10. Philpug

    tahoe booked .... where should we ski

    Yup, avoid Northstar.:snow: If you have only 4 days, Kirkwood, Squaw, Alpine and if you are staying at Heavenly, Snoseek will show you around. Let us know when it gets closer, maybe we will meet you.
  11. Philpug

    Oldest Ski You Still Use

    You mean my Scott Superhots? yeah, they suck. I do have Spademan "rental" plates so I can use them with a newer boot, like my 1982 Nordica Polaris.
  12. Philpug

    Oldest Ski You Still Use

    1974 The Ski w/ Spademans
  13. Philpug

    So EpicSki has basically been bought by Vail Resorts ...

    We are in a be business as usual mode at this point. I am sure the Epicski name is important to them. We deal with Northstar (a Vail resort) on a daily basis and we have had nothing but a professional interaction with them.
  14. Philpug

    Help me design a topsheet for a frontside carver...

    I would suggest symmetric graphics vs. asymmetric, better for swapping skis left and right, something that is done a lot to keep edges fresh for a frontside carver. I do a lot of ski reviews and would be glad to help with on snow testing. PM me.
  15. Philpug

    reshaping boots?

    Many. Where are you?
  16. Philpug

    FS General Altimax Arctic Winter Tires 225/60R 16 set of 4 $100

    They will fit your OB but you need 16" wheels. Buy mine too and sell the tires to Deadhead skier. And you both will be set.