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  1. John W

    Plattekill 3-2-17 storm Riley

    PLATTY WAS ALL TIME ON SATURDAY. EVER PART OF THE MOUNTAIN WAS FANTASTIC. I am hoping to get thursday off and go up again. Best skiing avail for that storm. Right in the jackpot. The first run of the day was like being on clouds!
  2. John W

    Current Arctic Pattern: Possible Relaxation and Storm on 1/4

    I hate that the weather has been so effing bad that no one will even talk about it. Almost 60 in nyc today. Downpours and rain all over. Almost a two foot storm a couple of weeks ago on LongIsland. I come here to see people talk about weather and the potential for powderstashes in the...
  3. John W

    Introducing "Chasing Snow"

    it sucks that people cant just be kind and thankful for input and work done by others! I love this thread. I check it every time I go skiing. Sometimes I get skunked when I chase the snow - other times I don't but you cant blame people for the weather! Yeggous - please know it is appreciated....
  4. John W

    NWS 2016 / 2017 Winter forecast!

    ELK WOULD BE THE BEST PLACE ON THE PLANET FOR SNOWFALL.. Looks like Elk, Blue, Camelback, Jack Frost, Platty, Belleayre and Minnewaska would be the jackpot.. Maybe VVGG also.(mountain creek for your young people)
  5. John W

    Winter Forecast 2015-2016

    Pattern change in the conversation on this tread as well.... THANK GOD!!! Let's go snow!!1
  6. John W

    Elk on Thursday 2/13

    Playing hookie and headed up solo… Skiing all day. Plan on making friends at the mountain but if anyone is doing the same come to Elk… It should be epic!!!! Blue Pants, Blue North face jacket.. Black helmut!!! John
  7. John W

    2/12 storm speculation

    Headed to Elk !! Blue Pants, Blue North face jacket, black helmut! - THursday Headed to Elk thursday in case anyone wants to head a little north
  8. John W

    Jay Peak MLK Weekend

    Happy new year everyone! Had a great weekend with friends at Jay peak MLK weekend.. We drove up thursday night from NYC. Left around 10:30 and arrived around 4:30am. We were able to check in right away and take a little nap before getting out… Friday - conditions for Jay Peak were less then...
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  14. John W

    Bolton Valley 12/18/2013

    Nicely done Jeff!!! Glad to see you got out. I went to Elk for a day trip last week... Similar early season conditions.. Was going to go back this weekend but the rain is going to change and RUIN those plans........ Unfortunately. Glad to see you are well.
  15. John W

    Elk 12/15

    Me and a crew of NYers and PAers are supposed to head up there sunday... But it's supposed to RAIN ALL FLIPPING WEEKEND.. I was up there wednesday the 22nd.. Had the place to myself.. They opened 10 more trails after that. 20 trails now.. If this rain doesn't ruin things they should be a full...
  16. John W

    Guns are on at K!

    It is snowing at the base of stowe right now!!!!!
  17. John W

    Where are you skiing this weekend? Jan 26-27, 2013 Edition

    Val Gardena, Italy - Arrive on the 26th and stay until 2nd!!!! Going with a backcountry guide on Tue/Wed. Very excited to go on this trip!! http://www.valgardena.it/en/live-and-webcam/page252.html I will try to post photos once I am back!!!!
  18. John W

    Recent Storm Accumulation Totals

    Scotty. Elk was awesome yesterday and the day before. Skipped under a couple of ropes and really I enjoyed some of the powder. Short lines most of each day Bought a 2 day pass for 100 and got the night skiing in as well. Let me know how it was for u
  19. John W

    Week of November 25 2012

    WOW... Stowe looked great on Wednesday...... Got to get out there..