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  1. snowmonster

    The skiing dilemma

    When I was still up in New England, most of my friends called it quits as soon as March rolled around. I usually didn't hang it up until the last bit of skiable stuff had been skied in tux -- usually in mid June. So, from March to June, I usually skied solo even in the backcountry (not...
  2. snowmonster

    Best expert chairlifts in new england

    Just throwing this out for consideration: Jordan Bowl Express (Sunday River) - Caramba below it; access to Oz and glades (Blind Ambition, Flying Monkey and all the off-map stuff) King Pine Chair (Loaf) - Lap Brackett Basin as long as you don't drift down too far. I miss skiing talk on AZ...
  3. snowmonster

    Alta Event in Boston: Nov. 20th

    I would have been all over this if I were still in Boston. Would be a treat for the Altaholics -- Boston chapter. In another lifetime, I used to have dinner at the Algonquin. Impressive old line Boston club but it probably needs patronage to stay open.
  4. snowmonster

    Sunday River Planned opening day Monday Oct 19th

    As you all know, I am half a world away and living in a place where 72F is considered cool weather. Right now, we're being lashed by another typhoon and, if all this NCP were snow, this would be an epic powder day. That said, you guys know where my heart is. If I were still in Boston, I'd be...
  5. snowmonster

    Where to stay near the Loaf

    I was once BobR's roommate here. I recommend it. Reasonably priced with a kitchen and a shower. Football in the parking lot optional.
  6. snowmonster

    Top 5 East Coast Spring Skiing Destinations

    Sunday River - They usually have enough snow on closing day that you wonder whether they could go on for another 2 weeks. The balcony at the Barker Bar is the place to be. Sugarloaf - THE King of Spring Killington - Haven't been in a while but Superstar can really be a glacier Jay Peak - Ski...
  7. snowmonster

    How far would you drive solo to ski/board?

    When I still lived in Boston, I routinely daytripped the 3.5 hour drive from Brighton to Sunday River every weekend. Longest daytrip I routinely did was to Jay Peak and Sugarloaf. They are equidistant from my doorstep at 5 hours one way. Longest I'm willing to daytrip solo? Jay and the Loaf are...
  8. snowmonster

    Top 3 on your "bucket list"?

    Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan - lighter snow than UT, so they say. Jackson Hole - I hope my skills have not deteriorated so I can still make a run down Corbet's. Big Sky - biggest skiing in America. Why not? In the BC: King Ravine - a long slog and no one to go with. Oakes Gulf - that magical...
  9. snowmonster

    Jisan Forest Resort (Icheon City, Korea) - 2/7/2015

    Of course, the Dear Leader's best bud! Yeah, that's what it looked like to me. It's like they wanted moguls and sent some kid up with a shovel to dig holes in the snow.
  10. snowmonster

    YongPyong Ski Resort (PyeongChang, Korea) - 2/6/2015

    Furry greetings from YongPyong! Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone mobile app
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  12. snowmonster

    Jisan Forest Resort (Icheon City, Korea) - 2/7/2015

    I'll bring the noodles! On my last year at the Sunday River, they opened a Japanese-Korean restaurant at the base lodge. I told the owner that he should serve ramen. He just kind of smiled at me. Here's to hoping that happens someday. Sent from my iPad using AlpineZone mobile app
  13. snowmonster

    YongPyong Ski Resort (PyeongChang, Korea) - 2/6/2015

    Thanks, dlague! Good to be back making turns! Sent from my iPad using AlpineZone mobile app
  14. snowmonster

    Jisan Forest Resort (Icheon City, Korea) - 2/7/2015

    Thanks! I don't know about the legend part but it sure is great to be back posting on here! Thanks, kelly! Where did you find this? Assuming that my government does not put me in jail for travelling to North Korea, this is now on the hitlist. Next trip to Korea, I'm definitely traveling to the...
  15. snowmonster

    Jisan Forest Resort (Icheon City, Korea) - 2/7/2015

    I live in Manila, the Philippines now. The closest snow to me is either Korea or Japan. I had a business trip to Seoul last month so I decided to squeeze in two days of skiing. Outstanding! Maybe I'll print up some SKI THE FAR EAST stickers and bring them over next time I come over to the US...
  16. snowmonster

    YongPyong Ski Resort (PyeongChang, Korea) - 2/6/2015

    Thanks, guys! I missed the daily banter here. Hope you're getting awesome turns!
  17. snowmonster

    YongPyong Ski Resort (PyeongChang, Korea) - 2/6/2015

    Thanks, Terry! Wish I could be with you guys up in Maine now -- skiing the Rivah, having a beer at Barker and grilling in the parking lot! Those were the best of times! Sent from my iPad using AlpineZone mobile app
  18. snowmonster

    YongPyong Ski Resort (PyeongChang, Korea) - 2/6/2015

    Thanks, Edd. It feels so good! You don't know how much I missed this.
  19. snowmonster

    Jisan Forest Resort (Icheon City, Korea) - 2/7/2015

    A typical Saturday crowd at Jisan. Jisan gets pounded not only by people from Seoul but also by foreign tour groups (like mine). They even have a separate learning area for foreigners. They do have a ski school but the kid I was with was going to take lessons from the tour bus driver. Hmmm... By...
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