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  1. BushMogulMaster

    Bumpapalooza 2023 - Winter Park/Mary Jane | 3/3/23

    A bit of GoPro footage from the 16th annual greatest unofficial skiing event in the history of skiing, Bumpapalooza! Good lines, soft snow, freshies in the afternoon, fantastic skiers (I think we numbered about 30 in total, though not all skiing together all the time), and even better...
  2. BushMogulMaster

    Cooper Mountain, CO | 2/1/2023 | Bumps & Steeps on a Bluebird Day

    Tons of fun, but it’s a completely different type of turn than you’d do on a fat ski. Lots more weighting/unweighting. You can’t just lean on an edge. But I prefer that. Only downside in my opinion is moving around low angle terrain. Obviously they do not float.
  3. BushMogulMaster

    Cooper Mountain, CO | 2/1/2023 | Bumps & Steeps on a Bluebird Day

    Yeah, my one ski quiver: Rossi Hero Mogul Accelere. I like them. Better than K2 Mamba, Elan Bloodline, and Dynastar Twister. I did prefer my old Hart F17 World Cup, but can’t get that anymore. Still haven’t tried ID One, so can’t compare to those.
  4. BushMogulMaster

    A-Basin, CO | 2/22/23 | Storm Skiing!

    That was the funkiest spot for me, too. At least heading into Pali I knew it was all downhill. But in that bowl shortly below top of Black Mountain Express, there were two moments that left me more than a little uncertain of what direction was what!
  5. BushMogulMaster

    A-Basin, CO | 2/22/23 | Storm Skiing!

    Four runs was enough this morning. Snow was piling up nicely, but visibility was really rough above treeline, and the wind was whipping. A bit interesting dropping into Pali almost blind. Waited for a little break in the steady wind to even find a reference point to drop in. Fun morning, but...
  6. BushMogulMaster

    Cooper Mountain, CO | 2/1/2023 | Bumps & Steeps on a Bluebird Day

    Working in the CO ski industry, I ski around a fair amount. Once in a while I get out the GoPro for a little edit. This was a stunning bluebird day with great snow all around. Copper is a great hangout midweek.
  7. BushMogulMaster

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    As a skier, I never particularly cared for Slide Brook. It was a cool idea, and a really neat ride the first time. After that, I'd rather ride the bus. I think Les's goal was to get a foot in the door for building out in the Slide Brook terrain; but that dream was DOA. I always thought that...
  8. BushMogulMaster

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    She's an "Ikon Pass Athlete" evidently
  9. BushMogulMaster

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    It definitely gets tricky when mixing manufacturers. We had a similar situation here - CTEC retrofitted our 1983 Poma Alpha triple in 2001. After a few years neither manufacturer was particularly interested in supporting the machine. In the last three years we've basically returned it to a 100%...
  10. BushMogulMaster

    Opinion: Best run(s) at Sugarbush

    Fun bump, Steezy. My picks will be very ME oriented. In the six years I spent at Sugarbush, I logged more than 300 days at ME, and probably only about 25 at LP. Keep in mind my perspective is from 2005-2011. Haven't made it back since. Favorite Overall Run: Tumbler - really enjoyed the unique...
  11. BushMogulMaster

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    First gen detach tech is challenging, regardless of manufacturer. The old Dopp DS model had a similar set of challenges to the early Poma machines. That cadence chain issue has been tricky on NRX for a while. I remember being frustrated with it in the mid-aughts. But I'd wager cost to retrofit...
  12. BushMogulMaster

    2/13/22 - Ski Cooper, CO | Testing out the new GoPro Hero 10

    I'm not usually a GoPro guy. I was actually kind of embarrassed roaming around with it on my pole :ROFLMAO: But Marketing picked up the latest model (Hero 10), and it really is remarkable. I couldn't help but have a bit of fun with it. Image stabilization is phenomenal, and the overall video...
  13. BushMogulMaster

    Beijing - 1st Olympics 100% man made snow

    A recent WSJ story mentioned 2MM cubic meters of water, which is about 528MM gallons. That at least makes a bit more sense, as it should equal somewhere around 2,500 acre feet of snow depending on temps.
  14. BushMogulMaster

    2021-22 Season Passes

    @2planks2coasts - correct, no MCP partners this season. Happy to answer any other Cooper questions via PM. 🍻
  15. BushMogulMaster

    Moguls ...Then / Now

    Definitely true. I wrote about that in a SAM piece back in 2014 (https://www.saminfo.com/speakout-issues/4241-speakout-where-are-all-the-moguls) and much of it remains true today. Though I do feel like the situation has actually improved since I penned that piece. It seems more resorts have been...
  16. BushMogulMaster

    3/9/21 - Winter Park/Mary Jane, CO - Bumpapalooza 14

    I'm not sure how WP would be, but speaking more generally for Colorado, every year is different. If there's a lot of early snow it could be nice with a moderate amount of terrain available. If it's a drier November, you can expect limited terrain with manmade snow, and higher skier density. As...
  17. BushMogulMaster

    3/9/21 - Winter Park/Mary Jane, CO - Bumpapalooza 14

    It was a different Bumpapalooza (the 14th installment) this year with Covid restrictions and differences. Much smaller crew, although there were still about 20 of us. I only attended one day; some of the others skied three or four days. Conditions were essentially spring-like with overnight...
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