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    Massive ORDA Lift Upgrades Across 3 Resorts

    Fixed that for you. If they make it a high speed quad with no mid station I would expect another wrap around so the gapers can get down.
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    Packing for a trip out West

    My wife and I put our skis in a double ski bag and pack clothes around them. We also have a large rolling suitcase that we put both of our clothes in and check. We carry our boots on in our transpacks with helmet, gloves etc.
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    Mammoth vs Squaw Va-...errr...Palisades Tahoe

    I say try both. Went out the week before Easter, 2019. Like April 17. Flew into Reno late spent 2 nights at Harrah’s, bought the 2020 ikon pass, skied two days at Squaw. Second day it snowed, it was fun but heavy/manky. Drove down to Mammoth after skiing the second day, checked in to condo and...
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    Vermont Ski Shops See Brisk Business and High Demand for Shop Services

    Just stopping by to agree with mister moose’s last two posts… I get bases ground at the beginning of the season, or every other depending on how many days I skied that particular ski, and keep up with edges and waxing through the season. You can tell when they’re ready for a stone grind, the...
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    Chair falls off lift at Camelback

    Friend of mine who is a CBK regular said he heard that the people in the chair were jumping up and down/rocking the chair before the accident. Not sure how true that is. Bad situation either way!
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    Bell ski in catskills

    Agree. It was awesome! And they only reported 2” for some reason. Unlike the weekend and last week, I stayed inbounds because my friends are either hurt from skiing or were working yesterday. I was unsuccessful in trying to arrange car pickups for the fun stuff. The most adventurous I got was a...
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    Storm Feb 1-2?

    I concur, awesome day today. Back at it tomorrow.
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    Bell ski in catskills

    Agreed. Yesterday was perfect, today good but not as. This snow coming should be awesome but with the wind the top 1/3 of the tops will get blown off. Will be there tomorrow early and hopefully Tuesday too if work gets closed. The late week storm was looking bad but has been trending much better.
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    Bell ski in catskills

    My wife was there yesterday too and had a similar report. I was able to get there for just a little while Tuesday afternoon when it was snowing. I just lapped lift 6 since I didn’t have much time but I was able to get 8 runs in after starting at 2:40, last ride at 3:59. Tongora was my first...
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    Bell ski in catskills

    Absolutely, lack of crowds and great powder skiing when there’s a storm is still the draw. They can’t really mess up natural snow. The early season storms like the one we had this year provide days of untracked powder skiing that you certainly can’t get at Hunter.
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    Bell ski in catskills

    Just like they didn’t bother cutting up the down trees on cathedral brook. Or cleaning the lifts so they can open on time during a snow storm. Or mowing the brush off some of the tops of trails. Or having early season volunteer glade clearing like they used to. We cut dreamcatcher a few years...
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    A flatlander storm Wednesday?

    Yes when I first heard, my reply was it’s Christmas, not April Fools! Unfortunately it’s true. I have some low quality pictures, I’m sure better ones will be shared soon.
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    A flatlander storm Wednesday?

    And it gets even worse... An avalanche came from lower onteora and went through the Overlook lodge! Blew the windows out, took doors off the hinges and appears to have went right out the other side. Feet of snow on the floor of the lodge. Heartbreaking for this season, but it looks like ORDA...
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    A flatlander storm Wednesday?

    I was there yesterday, really good skiing but also really thin in places even where they made snow. A large amount of snow was lost from weds-thurs before any rain fell. The snowmaking on Wanatuska and onteora mids got a lot of help from the storm and now that’s gone. This storm is really going...
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    A flatlander storm Wednesday?

    Yeah it opened about 2, I wasn’t there but my wife and friends were. Funny when the closed trails have bumps on them. Even the gapers were poaching yesterday. Website says opening the mid downs tomorrow. Nice to see. Still powder to be had tomorrow ;)
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    Got Money to Invest?

    Yea no thanks, I sold all of my MTN the other day. I bought an equal amount of Peak and MTN about 4 years ago. When Vail bought Peak I got x4 on the Peak part of it, and now I sold the vail part for a bit more than double. I don’t see Vail making any money this year and this issuing of notes...
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    A flatlander storm Wednesday?

    Lift 8 is the Tomahawk, Lift 6 is Super Chief....or Belleayre Express....... Speaking of 6, it opened this afternoon.
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    A flatlander storm Wednesday?

    You should have come today. Lift 8 opened at 10:25. Yes there was a delay which was irritating at the time but that was long forgotten about after a couple runs. Fresh lines all day super good. They’re hoping for lift 6 tomorrow, if so you’ll have a lot to explore over there. I have to work...
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    A flatlander storm Wednesday?

    Today’s 12z GFS looking good. I’ll be at Belleayre Thursday.
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    Confrontation with Holiday Valley Ski Guides

    If it was me I never would have stopped. Usually I have tunes on so probably wouldn’t even know they were calling anyway. Patrol was wrong.