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    New storm on the way

    Day off tomorrow. Driving up from Boston. Unsure where to go. Hard to tell who got the goods/who will be impacted by winds tomorrow. Looking for recommendations... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wst 4/6-4/7

    Decisions...decisions... Staying in Waterbury. Deciding between SB and Stowe. Looks like it will be a game time decision.
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    Epic Pass just got more Epic

    Let’s get this back to the epic pass. Prices were announced. Quick (not all encompassing) summary Epic Pass - $939 (Unrestricted to Stowe, Okemo, Sunapee) Epic Local - $699 (Unlimited access to Stowe with Holiday Restrictions, plus unlimited, unrestricted access to Okemo & Mount Sunapee)...
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    This weekend speculation thread 1/25-27

    for Stowe it looks like they got 3-4 inches of accumulation https://www.instagram.com/p/BtELCxcA91m/
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    Stowe 1-4,5,6

    Was there Sunday. The place skied great. Woods had some nice stashes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    this weekend was incredible (mad river + smuggs)

    Haha yea, kinda douchey story when I read it again, but this early season has been so much fun I just wanted to share. Sounds like some other people had great days in NoVT Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    this weekend was incredible (mad river + smuggs)

    Afternoon inversion Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    this weekend was incredible (mad river + smuggs)

    Was up at Stowe Saturday. Day was amazing. ^^Goat at 8 AM for run #1 ^^ Nosedive glades they opened nosedive around 945. Got one of the first runs. Took bypass to the chutes and dropped in on rimrock. Looked up and patrol still had it roped off. Me and the 3 other people looked at patrol...
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    Ikon 18/19

    Yes. We are in agreement Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ikon 18/19

    “Valle Nevado is an ideal addition to the Ikon Pass community. Now Ikon Pass holders can extend their 2019 season by booking a trip to Chile for the legendary above-treeline terrain in the Andes that Valle Nevado serves up,” said Erik Forsell, Chief Marketing Officer of Alterra Mountain Company...
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    Ikon 18/19

    Valle Nevado Chile?
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    Ikon 18/19

    Got mine about 3 weeks ago. Purchased a Base pass in early April. I have heard it's pretty random on when they are being sent out. Even those who ordered passes on the same day have had 2 week difference in delivery.
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    Ikon 18/19

    Thanks @WJenness! I don't know how i missed that. I was looking on the FAQ on the Ikon site and on K & SR's websites.
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    Ikon 18/19

    Figured I would start a thread for all those who went with the Ikon pass this season. It could be used to discuss conditions, events, meet ups, issues, or whatever your heart desires. With that said, I have my first question. Does anyone have any intel on how the lift access will work? Will...
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    Vail Purchases Okemo, Sunapee, Crested Butte, and Stevens Pass

    Sorry I wasn't clear. I was making an Ikon Base vs. Epic Local comparison. On Ikon Base Stratton is limited to 5 days w/blackouts. On Epic Local Okemo is unlimited, no blackouts. I think, there is a good chance Alterra opens Stratton up to become totally unlimited to match Vail's acquisition of...
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    Vail Purchases Okemo, Sunapee, Crested Butte, and Stevens Pass

    Curious how Alterra reacts to this... Altera now needs a compete in the 1) the Boston Day trip market 2) VT $$ condo resort market -Just having 5 days at loon is a check in the L column for Alterra when compared to unlimited at Sunapee -Just having 5 day access at either Stratton, Killington...
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    Belleayre 4-8-18 13" fresh

    I was there as well. Decided to make the trip from Boston as I have to be in Maryland this week for work. Made an 8 hr drive a 10 hr drive but I am not mad. Very worth it. ROTD: Dreamcatcher glade which was “closed” but provided fresh turns through Sunday afternoon Sent from my iPhone using...
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    ikon pass details released

    What is the price point for you to buy an add on to a qualifying season pass? $350? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Military Deals and Discounts

    You're Correct! For Killington, the price listed in the original post is using the price for a lift ticket using the Express Card less the fee for purchasing the express Card (bc it's free). ***There are a lot of idiosyncrasies for each mountain. Rather than get lost in the details I tried to...
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    Military Deals and Discounts

    You're right! Only a month away