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    Sugarloaf 2/23-2/25/20

    Unfortunately your Cat skiing experience sounds all too familiar. I've only done it once (two years ago), the actual experience of riding the cat & skiing the glade is fun/unique, however "getting back" is a pain in the arse !! Skiing/riding beyond the log yard is long, flat, not well...
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    Sugarloaf 2030

    You do realize that the new lift will dump you out at Bullwinkles with direct access to the Bucksaw trails you mention. While I am scratching my head a little bit too on why some of the older lifts are not priority (Snubber, sawduster, skidway, double runner), I do kind of get where they are...
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    Three Property Owners to Bar Mountain Bikers from Using their Land in Kingdom Trails

    I heard the land that KTA is pursuing is the old home of our dear friend from Jay Peak, Ariel Quiros....I am not sure if it is one of the 3 land owners that decided to ban the bikes on their properties.
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    Loaf vs Bush next weekend

    Just got back from 4 days at the Loaf. All the front side extensions skied great with bubblecuffer extension probably the worst of the bunch, however Powder Keg (minus the first turn into the trail) & Winter's Way Extension were both prime. Glades were decent, some better than others....As...
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    Easiest snowfields run at Sugarloaf?

    Yep....Usually one of the better bump runs on the front face....All that snow making that blows off White Nitro collects right in Powder Keg. Agree it is confusing now. I didn't even realize (until I looked at the trail map to answer the OP) that High Rigger was listed on the "Frontside...
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    Three Property Owners to Bar Mountain Bikers from Using their Land in Kingdom Trails

    It's unfortunate as the loss of land access literally splits the trail network in half with no way easy connection between the northern trails and southern trails on Darling Hill. As WoodCore states it sounds like it reached a tipping point that built up over the years. I read on another...
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    Easiest snowfields run at Sugarloaf?

    First you probably need to define "Snowfields"...Traditionally it just used to mean the "Backside" (which included the High Rigger trail), but now they have labeled them as "Front side snowfields" and "Backside snowfields". Going by the trail map labels...Ignore anything on the "Backside...
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    Sunday River and Sugarloaf New England Passes at Loon

    f.y.i....The handheld reading devices were out yesterday at Sugarloaf. Can already see this will be a cluster F$%k on busy days.
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    May 1st and Mother Nature is Confused

    Snowing currently at the Loaf...looks like an inch or so already on the ground with a forecast of 4-10 at elevation through today/tonight...Too bad with the base they had on closing day, they could easily re-open and possibly push for June, but they won't :cry:
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    Wst 4/13-4/14

    Epic Reggae weekend at the Loaf....One of the better ones in a while. Sun & Corn. Backside, glades, bumps, what ever you wanted (except for groomers). Sad to see 2 inches of rain in the forecast....that will do some damage to the trail count.
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    The dreaded ''Closings 2019'' thread

    The Loaf just announced they will be open DAILY through May 5th!! With another 15 inches of snow this week, I am thinking there will be plenty of trails to ski on May 5th. And I see MadPatSki has already captured that in his blog.
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    Wst 4/13-4/14

    Coming off another stellar weekend at the Loaf. Most everything is open right now....Backside, Bracket, and most all the glades. Some of the best coverage on the backside that I've seen in recent years. Loaf is getting all snow today, and forecast are calling for up to a foot+ of snow...
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    WST: 3/16-17.....Mid-March Madness....

    Similar forecasts for the Loaf where the low at elevation on Friday night is forecasted to be 31 degrees...which makes frozen turns on Saturday a very likely possibility, however it would be nice to squeak out one more day of everything in play before the inevitable freeze coming for Sunday...
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    Sugarloaf 2/24-2/26/19

    Being a regular at the Loaf....I've got to say (IMO) Kickback is the best glade on the mountain. Brackett gets all the press....Other glades can be steeper, others tighter, and still others too open. To me Kickback has the best pitch and the right amount of tree density and with other glades...
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    Sugarloaf first timer

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    Sugarloaf first timer

    The worst part of Bracket is probably the entrance/traverse in especially if you are attempting to get further away from the main trails. The steepest glades would be all your glades off Spillway Xcut. Overall, I'd say Bracket is probably one of the better spaced glades on the mountain with...
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    Sugarloaf first timer

    Agree with most here except..You’re not coming to SLoaf to ski groomers. And I’d recommend staying away from skiing brackett below KPine base...too flat and not fun getting back. Been here for a few days and place is skiing great....14 inches of snow last week and another 4-6 on Friday with...
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    Lodges that don't allow outside food

    To me this is the most important thing....You have to have space for people to just sit down & get away from the cold and not be forced to "buy food". That said I think it is perfectly "ok" for these mid mountain "restaurants" to kick people out if they are not a paying customer, as long as...
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    Back side of Sugarloaf

    Having skied hundreds of days at the Loaf, I'd say the backside is officially opened maybe 10% of the time on a very good year. It is a cool experience, and quite fun when the conditions are good. Personally, I think its a bit over hyped, and a lot of "effort" (two lift rides, short hike...
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    2018-2019 Sunday River

    Go to the LOAF...The extra hour drive is worth it !! From those models, it looks like the Loaf will hang onto mostly snow, however I don't think anyone is escaping the mixed precip (and some r@!#) this weekend.