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    Elk Mountain, 12/6/14

    Thanks. Can't wait to hit PA's best mountain, bar none. I don't think I've ever been to Elk when it hasn't snowed. They seem to easily get double the snow the other eastern PA mountains do.
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    Stratton 3/2/2014

    We skied Stratton on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was extremely crowded, almost holiday weekend-like. Conditions were very firm and tracked out. Really not anything that was worth noting other than Kidderbrook/Freefall, which skied great both days. Sunday was a different story. Crowds were...
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    Stratton 2/23

    Thanks for the vids. Moonbeam is one of my son's favorites. Wonder if nearby Cabin Feaver is skiable. Assume things won't be worse this weekend (hopefully better).
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    Stratton: 2/23/2014

    Not what I wanted to hear but thanks.
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    Stratton: 2/23/2014

    Are the glades skiable after the warm/freeze? Heading up this weekend with my son.
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    Stratton 27th

    I like Stratton too. Not the hardest mountain but has good variety, good glades and I like the layout. Sure it's not Sugarbush, MRG, Stowe or Jay but I much prefer it to Okemo or Mt. Snow in S. Vt. We ski there nearly every year.
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    Stratton Mtn Vermont - 12.25.2013

    Was there on X-Mas day as well (see my report on the 21st and 24th). North American was great; the best run I had in my 3 days. Upper Slalom Glade was excellent as well as they were blowing there too and the narrower trail resulted in some soft moguls in spots. Conditions overall were good...
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    Stratton - 12/21 and 12/24

    We came up for annual X-Mas trip to Manchester/Stratton. This is our 6th year in a row coming up during this week so we prepare for any conditions thrown at us. We have had years where we were skiing on barely 1/3 of the mountain with only a couple top-to-bottom runs and have had years where...
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    Bushwacker vs Watea 84/88

    That's helpful. I was originally thinking the Wateas (coming from the AMCs), which I demoed a couple years ago, but after reading and speaking with a bunch of ski shop employees when I was up in Stowe last week, the Bushwackers seemed like they may be more of what I'm seeking. I would like to...
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    Bushwacker vs Watea 84/88

    Thanks timm. Sounds like I'd have no problem with the 173s as I was fearing they might be a little long (though people consistently say they ski short).
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    Bushwacker vs Watea 84/88

    I am looking at getting new skis and am down to these two. Ski primarily VT and PA (Elk mostly). Coming out of Fischer AMC79s and want something softer, quicker turning and lighter as I'm spending a lot more time these days following my 11 year old into the trees and bumps. After skiing 4...
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    Elk Dec 30 Sunday

    Elk is the best mountain in Eastern PA, period. They have the best terrain, usually have at least two bump runs (sometimes more) and the best conditions in Eastern PA as get twice as much natural as any other mountain in Eastern PA. It seems to snow 4+ inches every time I go there. Some...
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    Top 3 Ski Areas in Pennsylvania?

    Top 3: 1. Elk 2. Elk 3. Elk Really no comparison. Best terrain, best snow (most natural snow by far of any eastern PA mountains), and best vibe. Bumps on multiple trails by mid-season. Tree skiing is the only thing lacking. But if I were to include other mountains, I would rank: 1. Elk...
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    Stratton Question

    Stratton has some really nice glades at all levels (green to double black) but I have no idea what the conditions are. Most trails tend to be groomed but they usually leave bumps on World Cup, which is where they hold bump competitions. The wide trail under the Gondola (forget its name) is...
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    This weekend - where to go in NJ / PA?

    The bottom of Sno is not glorified blues. In fact, as noted, White Lightening is the steepest trail in E. PA. It would be a legit black in VT (but would be twice as long if it was in VT). Boomer, the trail next to WL, has nice pitch, a double fall line, and when I was there on MLK day they...
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    This weekend - where to go in NJ / PA?

    1. Elk - Best PA mountain by a longshot. Best terrain, most natural snow, best vibe, lots of ungroomed trails. Only bummer is they forbid any skiing in the trees. 2. Sno - Great snowmaking, never crowded (even on holiday weekends) and the steepest sustained pitch run in E. PA. Also often have...
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    Ski Tuning at Home?

    I tuned my own skis as a kid when my parents gave me a tuning kit. When I picked skiing back up about 8 years ago I also relearned how to tune and now do the whole family's skis 3-4 times a year (every 3-5 days out depending on conditions). Sharpen, wax and minor base repairs. At around $100...
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    Christmas eve Noreaster

    Heading up to Manchester/Stratton tonight and looks like we are bringing 3-6" with us. http://forecast.weather.gov/showsigwx.php?warnzone=VTZ014&warncounty=VTC025&firewxzone=VTZ014&local_place1=4+Miles+S+Bondville+VT&product1=Winter+Weather+Advisory
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    Good place to stay near Stratton?

    Bob's is great. One of our favorite stops when in the area. We are headed up tonight and will hit Bob's at least once during our stay.
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    Good place to stay near Stratton?

    Stratton often has very good ski and stay packages, especially during off weekends, so I would call or go through the website (though follow up with a call because I have gotten better deals than through their website). In fact, despite the rep for being expensive, I have found their ski and...