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  1. Glade Monkey

    Jordan Grand Summit - Time Share Intel

    You can buy a 2BR lockout unit timeshare in the Jordan Grand for $5,500 https://sundayriverliving.com/jordan-2bdl-324-326-qi/ Or the EXACT SAME 2BR "Suite" for either $7,499 or $20,000, just different blocks of 13 weeks. https://sundayriverliving.com/jordan-2bd-suite-240-242-244-qi/...
  2. Glade Monkey

    Les Otten & Dixville Notch

    https://www.newenglandskiindustry.com/viewstory.php?storyid=877 Les Otten's North Country Coos, LLC has acquired Dan Hebert's fifty percent share of the Balsams Resort, the company announced this week. According to the Colebrook Chronicle, Annmarie Turcotte has joined as a new investor, making...
  3. Glade Monkey

    Want to Ski Alta This Season?

    Alta is on the Ikon so skiing 7 days on the full pass or 5 days on the base pass "pays" for it! (note that Alta days are shared with Snowbird) While you're in SLC you can also hit 7 or 5 days at Brighton and Deer Valley, and unlimited at Solitude on Ikon.
  4. Glade Monkey

    Ski Areas in the East with 1,000 vertical glades

    Since King Pine lift at Sugarloaf is just over 1000' vertical, the two glades to the east should be too since they are longer Cant Dog 1 Cant Dog 2 Plus most of the ones in Brackett Basin Birler 1 Birler 2 Edger 1 Edger 2 Sweeper 1 Sweeper 2 Rough Cut Plus the ones on Burnt Mtn Androscoggin...
  5. Glade Monkey

    Killington winter ops update

    Interesting...thanks for posting! Frequent visitors are advised to get the app: https://www.parkwhiz.com/parking-app/
  6. Glade Monkey

    It's coming!

    The Loaf blowing on upper Tote Road just below Skyline
  7. Glade Monkey

    NY Ski Resorts allowed to open at 50 % indoor capacity & other misc info

    Seems to be pretty much the new standard procedures every state and ski resort are putting in place, except maybe that last one... State guidance on the reopening of ski resorts includes the following precautions: Masks required at all times, except when eating/drinking or skiing. Social...
  8. Glade Monkey


    https://www.sunjournal.com/2020/10/14/views-and-birds-among-the-concerns-over-saddlebacks-new-lodge-and-solar-farm-plans/ Saddleback's future expansions had a hearing before the Land Use Regulatory Committee this week. There were two main objections: Appalachian Trail doesn't want hikers to see...
  9. Glade Monkey

    JetBlue Adds Another Western Option Out Of Boston and NYC

    Too bad Telluride is EPIC (I have IKON). I did like this from the article: "The announcement comes as the airline industry looks to pivot from business travel destinations, which have seen severe passenger declines amid the coronavirus pandemic, to areas where vacationers may want to travel."
  10. Glade Monkey

    Ski Resort Response to COVID-19

    Latest case of reinfection in US and researchers found two distinct strains of the virus. His second bout was much more severe. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/laninf/article/PIIS1473-3099(20)30764-7/fulltext
  11. Glade Monkey

    Round Top VT - For Sale $7.5 million

    https://tour.neren.com/255-Upper-Round-Top-Plymouth-VT-05056/unbranded PROPERTY INFORMATION255 Round Top Road Plymouth, VT 05056 Price: $7,500,000 Description: Plymouth Notch......is located in Vermont's "snow belt" along the spine of Green Mountains peaks and offers a unique opportunity...
  12. Glade Monkey

    Meanwhile, atop Mt. Washington...

    Here's a link to their weather observatory, to know what's coming: https://xmountwashington.appspot.com/csc.html (the wind speeds during storms are amazing!)
  13. Glade Monkey

    Ski Resort Response to COVID-19

    Anyone tried this type of device? Seem kinda like creepy-crawlers for adding to regular boots for walking on ice. https://www.rei.com/product/435109/seirus-cat-tracks
  14. Glade Monkey

    Season Pass Options/Considerations

    As a public company, Vail / Epic reports to their investors, below is their latest quarterly and year end report. http://investors.vailresorts.com/news-releases/news-release-details/vail-resorts-reports-fiscal-2020-fourth-quarter-and-full-year Lines may be a little longer at their resorts as...
  15. Glade Monkey

    Mid December Western Trip - Jackson Hole vs. Snowbird

    Definitely wait. The main problem with Ikon pass at JHMR is they open reservations for tickets to general public on October 5th, but don't open the Ikon to reserve spots until November 9th. So, that week might already be "sold out" by the time you can reserve days. Snowbird requires parking...
  16. Glade Monkey

    Ski Resort Response to COVID-19

    Sunday River found that out and bailed on mtb. The locals (and Mt Abram) are picking up the slack. Sugarloaf still supports but it without lift rides. However they have had other issues lately with land closures by the Penobscot Nation.
  17. Glade Monkey

    Ski Resort Response to COVID-19

    They probably did make more in the summer but the Cannon tram didn't open this summer due to Covid. For comparison a single r/t summer ticket is $19 (9am-5pm) versus a winter uphill ticket for $82 (9am-3:45pm).
  18. Glade Monkey

    What will be different for 20/21 Ski Season?

    Interesting announcement from Big Sky (similar to Jackson Hole one below) "Capacity in the Lone Peak Tram may vary to balance uphill capacity with a safe and reasonable guest experience. A new boot pack route is being considered, beginning from the top of Dakota lift to the Yeti Traverse...