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  1. Tin Woodsman

    Real Estate Classifieds in this Forum: Kosher?

    Wondering what the protocol is. People know I've been here awhile and am not given to SPAM. I wouldn't ask unless it was a pretty special property being sold by a good friend. What say ye?
  2. Tin Woodsman

    Sugarbush vs. Chuck Norris

    You decide.
  3. Tin Woodsman

    Official 2008 Northeast Ski Resort Improvements and Upgrades Thread

    I know there have been a few individual threads about some of the more notable upgrades (e.g. Mt. Snow, SR and K-Mart) but I thought it would be good to have everything in one place, as some probably don't meet the threashhold of deserving their own thread. Here are the ones I know off the top...
  4. Tin Woodsman

    Let's Talk About Killington

    Threads about other mountains shouldn't morph into the never-ending drama that is the discussion of K-Mart. Let's put it here. I'll start things off by responding to the latest brilliant missive from snowman in the Mt. Snow thread: 1) Yes, those guys in Oak Hill were so smart that they...
  5. Tin Woodsman

    Disclosure of Secret Stashes

    I am currently engaged in a rather fierce debate with someone named "ATskier" over at the EpicSki forums over whether it's proper to disclose the name and location of secret stashes on public forums. I am adament that this is bad form and does a disservice to not only those who created the...