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    East Coast All-around Skis

    I'm looking for input on skis. I've got GS skis and long skis for when I want to rip turns on the groomers, but my all-around (woods / powder / teaching / etc) skis are looking a bit rough. I've already got a set of AT bindings on order, so I need to find a pair of skis that meet my needs and...
  2. K

    Best place to be the day *after* a midweek powder day?

    In light of the "Best place for a midweek powder day" thread, I have another one: At which Eastern resort would you most like to be the day after the powder day?
  3. K

    Sunday River 2006-02-06, 2006-02-07

    Date(s) Skied: Monday 6 February 2006, Tuesday 7 February 2006 Resort or Ski Area: Sunday River Skiway Conditions: Good, firm snow to start things off with some softening as the days went on; snow seems to be a little thin in a few places, but not to the point of risking ski damage...
  4. K

    Good pants for hiking?

    OK, I realize that this isn't season-appropriate, but the current Campmor clearance sale got me thinking about various clothing needs, particularly pants for hiking. When I went out last fall, I generally just wore jeans, which fall short due to being cotton and sometimes restrictive of...
  5. K

    Stowe Mountain Resort - Sunday, December 4, 2005

    Date(s) Skied: 4 December 2005, about 9 a.m. through 1:15 p.m. Resort or Ski Area: Stowe Mountain Resort Conditions: Good snowpack (starting as firm packed powder and degenerating into race snow over the course of the day) on a few trails, some fresh snow over a lot of old rocks on...