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    What kind of XC/BC ski gear should I get?

    So I'll wade in with my dos centavos. The easiest response may be to just let you know what I have and how I use it. For casual kickin’ an glidin’ in set track or light snow, I have an OLD pair of waxless Rossi skis now mounted with standard NNN bindings. These used to have 3 pin, but with the...
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    The NEW Magic Mountain

    I dunno... I always like a slower ride after lapping Goniff Glade or Twilite Zone. And one thing I liked about the old chair was its relative protection from the wind.
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    Alterra Furloughs Employees and Postpones Some of its Lift Projects Slated for 2020

    I was impressed with how they are keeping benefits active for now.
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    The "Earn Your Turns" Thread Spring 2020

    I was at Hogback in VT the first weekend in March. Skiing was ok, but definitely not gonna last long. Snowpack was barely half of a normal season, with lots of crustiness. If your going to skin this season, in-bounds now that the ski areas are closed is the only place to go.
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    Vail suspending all ski operations immediately

    Put your climbing skins on - have the whole mountain to yourself!
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    Looking for advice on joining a ski club/lodge.

    As a manager of just such a facility, no offense but I would say you are not the kind of member we look for. Most such facilities need to maximize bed space to cover expenses - so forget about a private room. And they all require some cleaning commitment - no different than what is needed in...
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    Harris Hill Ski Jump this weekend

    IMO this and the and the Toboggan Championships in Camden, ME are two of the best non-professional sporting events in the country. Harris Hill is not to be missed!
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    Mt Snow - Family Vacation

    Just my 2 cents but I've always found the dining (and shopping) in the Mt Snow area to pale in comparison with North Conway, although there will certainly be enough to occupy you. A better option than Manchester would be Brattleboro, about the same distance but the opposite direction. Several...
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    Grass Sticks Bamboo Poles (Steamboat Springs, CO)

    Yep. Same poles 40 years. I also have carbon comp. While there is no question the carbon is great (why anyone would choose metal is beyond me) I do question its long term durability. In the paddling realm I have had carbon shafts break unexpectedly, under stress that a wood shaft (I know, not...
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    Grass Sticks Bamboo Poles (Steamboat Springs, CO)

    Ive been using a pair for 40 years. Nothing new there. Had to replace a tip, handle strap, and basket at various times.
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    The Peaceful Valley - Gore Mountain, NY

    You keep getting better at this... nice job. They could have brought a little more snow in for you, though! Seriously, good story, nicely paced, esp. at the end when it gets that slow, end of day feeling. Your son's narration seemed to improve as he went; I liked your music selection, and your...
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    Stenger and Quiros Ousted from Management of Jay Peak and Burke

    Reminds me of the structuring of a very large nursery near me that ultimately went under some years ago. They had at least a dozen separate companies - one owned land, one owned machinery, one actually bought stock from another. It appeared successful until it was sold, when it was obvious it...
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    Stenger and Quiros Ousted from Management of Jay Peak and Burke

    Wow. Not to go off topic, but that's not the mountain I was at this year. Used to go about every year for a week before the big buildout. Went back for the first time since then and customer service was borderline appalling. Nuff said. They have plenty of dirty laundry to get aired out; hope the...
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    Stenger and Quiros Ousted from Management of Jay Peak and Burke

    Yep, I think that Newport hole will stick around for awhile.
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    Stenger and Quiros Ousted from Management of Jay Peak and Burke

    Interesting. Always wondered about the Q in Q-Burke. When I was up at Jay this year I notice two mug shots of Quiros and Stenger behind the front desk at one of the hotels. I thought at the time that Quiros made Putin look like a slacker - now I know. Stenger just looked like his eager lap dog...
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    03/20 - 03/21 Storm?

    Its still a little far out but looks to be another southern / coastal storm that will do little for interior New England, other than a shot of life-saving cold air. West Virginia may be another story... I just might end up there to earn some turns!
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    What the heck is going on at Magic?

    Its for the music. Put in a request and leave a tip when they play it.:-P
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    @ Canaan Valley, WV 4 Winter Storm Jonas 1/22-24/20016

    CV (the area, not the resort specifically) is the gem of the east. Snow conditions can be the best anywhere east of the Miss. River - but the down side is they can change quickly! They have been suffering with the rest of us - glad they got this shot in the arm. The new CV Resort lodge is pretty...
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    CO quickie

    I did the same thing with my daughter a few years ago. Stayed in G'towne, skied Loveland and then moved on to Breck. Weekend traffic shouldn't be too bad that time of year, and if it is heading to Breck after Loveland will keep you out of the worst.
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    Alba Adventures - Season 3 EP1 - The Waiting - Killington and Pico, VT 12/31-1/2

    Not by much and still get the "story" out. I've seen longer (and shorter) that have no point at all. Its refreshing - I hope you can preserve them in a readable format when your kids are grown!