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    Did Vail intentionally ruin snow reports?

    Please help me understand why snow reports for all Vail-owned properties are so effing terrible. Why is there no descriptive text / paragraph? Please explain, understanding I am slow and sometimes need to sound out big words. Thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Berkshire East 2-18-2018

    Good day at B East w my Dad and a friend. No lift line to speak of. An inch or two fresh for opening bell, a mixture of snow sleet n frzng rain til about 11, then steady snow after. Natural and woods were crusty and crappy. Everything groomed skied pretty nicely. A little skied off by the time...
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    Wachusett 2/18/18

    Wachusett was a madhouse today. Traffic jam trying to get off 140 and onto the access road. They sold out, closed the gates, but people came in via the back way and parked wherever they could. Cops were there in Lot 3 when we left. Crazy lines, singles line improved quite a bit though after 12...
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    Sunapee Wednesday 01/10/18

    Great day at Sunapee, pretty much bluebird skies all morning. PP and LSGR on piste with a few boilerplate / hardpack spots on the usual front facing main runs, tracked out PP trees were still skiing great 6 days after the storm...the only exception being steeper sections where it was getting...
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    Berkshire East or Crotched for President's Day?

    Hoping to get out tmrw before the rain effs things up. I am trying to decide between Crotched and BEast...thinking Crotched will have better snow but may be more crowded? What say ye? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wachusett Mtn, Sunday March 29th

    Arrived at 11 thinking the place would be dead. WRONG. Lot 1 full and gate closed. Booooo...we had to ride the shuttle. Bright sunshine, low 30s, no wind. The reported 4" Saturday made all the diff. The combination of sun, fresh snow, and skier traffic meant all trails were skiing nicely with a...
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    Wachusett 01.03.15

    The Weather: Cloudy Flat light 20 F or so, The Snow: Hardpack Boilerplate LSGR Arrived at 8 and the upper lot was filling up fast. Booted up at the car and bought a discounted lift ticket upon showing my Silver pass ( not valid on weekend days during peak season). Lapped everything that was...
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    Okemo 12/22/14

    Conditions: LSGR, boilerplate, edgeable hardpack. Some pristine corduroy too. Fast. Weather: overcast, foggy, intermittent snow. Very low visibility and flat light. No wind, 20s and 30s A great day. $41 lift tix with my wa wa pass. Skied from 9 to 3 with a short break at the summit lodge...
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    Taking Pops to Okemo - what should I demo?

    Taking Dad to Okemo in a week. He loves those endless blue groomers. Thinking of leaving my Prophets at home and demoing something. What would be a fun all mountain more carving kinda ski? I guess I should prob look into what options local rental places have. RTMs? Rossi E83 or something...
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    Looking for ski advice for my dad (low intermediate 3x a year skier)

    Hello My father is in his 60s and skis maybe 2 to 5x per year. He is at best of lower intermediate skill level and prefers groomed blues and mellow blacks. He has been skiing on Rossignol Zenith Z1s for a very long time. I picked them up the other day to have them tuned and thought, F this...
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    Any idea how conditions are at Sunday River right now?

    Might be heading there Sunday the 9th and a little concerned after reading so many TRs from this past weekend...not a fan of frozen granular or hard pack or whatever other charitable term for crap boilerplate there is. Thanks
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    Where to take my dad on Monday 2/17 - considering Pico...any other suggestions?

    Me: All around bad-ass (on the internet), fairly proficient skier (look like a champ at Wachusett and don't embarrass myself in the trees or ungroomed up north). Willing to drive 3 hours each way from the Providence area. Dad: early 60s, intermediate at best, rarely skis anymore. Plays tennis...
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    Airline lost my brand new skis

    Well...it's been a week and today I filed a claim for my brand new, only a couple of days on them, Line Prophet 90s with Marker Griffons, Leki poles, nice padded ski bag etc. You cannot imagine how bummed out I was to get stand there by the oversized luggage carousel @ Logan last week and have...
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    Bretton Woods' radio ads as heard on sports radio

    Holy crap, terrible! Sounds like something Wachusett would have used 20 years ago with its earnest 'yay 4 family fun' theme. And that 'who we are' song with the '2,3,4,5' countdown? So bad. But I give them credit - Boston sports radio stations get very high ratings and those ads are reaching...
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    Bretton Woods, Friday 12/27

    Last year on 12/27, we hit Sugarbush during a major storm and had an incredible day, complete with coming face to face with a moose. This year, we audibled from our orig plan of hitting Loon and instead drove another 30 min to B Woods. We just had a feeling the conditions/crowds would be...
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    Looking for people to ski with

    Hello I am looking to meet other AZ members to ski with. The people I usually ski with are sometimes unavailable or uninterested in the times and places I want to go...it would be nice to find some others around here. About me: Relatively normal guy in my 30s, live in S RI, have been skiing on...
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    Looking for Line Prophet 98 reviews/opinions/feedback...

    Hello I've been skiing on 2008-09 model year Line Prophet 90s in 172cm for several years now. I ski almost weekly @ the mighty WaWa and a few times per month up north. While I'm not the most confident off piste skier, I am getting better and strongly prefer to be in the woods or otherwise...
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    Demo'd: Dynastar 6th Sense Slicer skis

    This past weekend, I rented 169cm Dynastar 6th sense slicer skis for 2 days at Beaver Creek, CO. I normally ski on 08 Line Prophet 90s in 172 cm, and I was looking to try something different. The folks at the rental shop felt these would be a really good all mountain option. Sidenote: I saw...
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    Wachusett 12/18/2011

    Date(s) Skied: Sunday morning 12/18/2011 approximately 8 to 10 AM Resort or Ski Area: Wachusett, MA Conditions: LSGR, teens Trip Report: Finally, my first day of the season. Pulled into the parking lot about 7:45 and parked in row 1 or 2. It was cold, about 13 F at the base. Booted up in the...
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    Considering Lange RX 100 boots, looking for feedback

    My 4 or 5 yr old Nordica Supercharger Ignitions are trashed. And they never fit all that well in spite of several mods. I am sick of cranking down my boots to keep my heel from lifting etc. So I am looking for an all mountain boot that is a bit lower volume and not too stiff as I'm only 5' 8"...