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    Canaan Valley (WV)

    Date(s) Skied: 2/24-25 Resort or Ski Area: Canaan Valley, WV Conditions: powder over firm packed powder Trip Report: Driving down the temps hit 61 degrees in the Shenandoah Valley. I was feeling less than optimistic. Even after climbing up the Allegheny Front on the new Corridor H highway...
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    For Sale: Women's skis

    Rossignol B3 - Dimensions: L 160; waist 83 An all mountain, quiver-of-one ski. Good in powder, crud, & in the woods. Skis come with small bindings and have been well cared for. Although a few years old, this is still a great ski. If you are looking to take a step up from your older narrow skis...
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    Mt Greylock conditions

    Anybody have info on current conditions at Mt Greylock? Inquiring minds... amf
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    Camden Snow Bowl

    Anyone been there? I may be up there in Feb, and wondered what the skiing was like. Rode a lift up once some years back; stunning views from the top.
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    Thunderbolt Trail - Feb 5

    With the ski conditions in southern New England finally catching up with West Virginia (and rain in the forecast there), I'm hoping to get up to the Thunderbolt on Saturday Feb 5. Its been on my wanna-ski list for a while, and as most of my regular partners are out west (the pleasures of...
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    White & Wild West Virginia

    Date(s) Skied: 1/9-10 Resort or Ski Area: Whitegrass Conditions: powder, powder, and an extra helping of powder Trip Report: After hearing of practically a week of non-stop snow with an extra dump forecast, I had to head south on Thursday. Waking up to 8 to 12" of fresh powder, we spent...
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    Stratton 12/15

    Date(s) Skied: Dec. 15 Resort or Ski Area: Stratton Conditions: spring without the sun Trip Report: After passing up Monday following the snow/rain event of Sunday night, I was pleasantly surprised by Tuesday. It never dropped below freezing Monday night, and the half inch of icy crust...
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    Something completely different...

    Not wanting to deal with crowds and inflated ticket prices on the holiday weekend, I took in the grand re-opening of the Harris Hill ski jump in Brattleboro. What a blast! Just like the Olympics, only better, and with an extra helping of cowbell. I'd post some pics if I could figure it out...
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    Breckinridge/Loveland 4/12-4/14

    With a business trip buying my ticket to Denver, I thought it was an excellent chance to check out some CO spring skiing, and give my daughter a college graduation present to boot. Fortunately, I tossed in an extra pair of heavier weight long underwear at the last minute, as we never had any...
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    4 days/4 mtns: Snow, Magic, Stratton, Bromley

    Mt Snow 3/17: Marcski hit it right. Probably best conditions of the year on the north face & in the woods. Can't believe people were requesting refunds for too much snow! Magic 3/18: Had planned to go to Stratton to maximize my free ticket value, but headed for Magic to avoid the snowboard...
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    Jay Peak

    Date(s) Skied: 2/26 - 3/2/07 Resort or Ski Area: Jay Peak Conditions: powder / packed powder ending with all powder Trip Report: Four absolutely perfect days - blue skies, moderate temps, minimal winds. Groomed trails a little icy in spots, but woods, while fairly packed out, generally...
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    Jay backcountry question

    I'm off to Jay for a week, & had a question about the Big Jay bowl that I thought might be answered here. Is the runout to the road doable with DH gear, or best with an AT setup? I'm in a quandary about what skiis to take - my DH setup is wider under foot, but I far prefer skinning to...
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    A Colorado question

    I know its not the NE, but I'm looking for some recommendations for a Colorado trip I will be making in early April. I need to be in Denver on the 15th, & thought I would give my daughter an early graduation present of a ski trip. I have never skiied Colorado in-bounds, so know little of the...
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    Stratton 12/10/2006

    Date(s) Skied: 12/10/06 Resort or Ski Area: Stratton Conditions: powder / packed powder / hardpack / stones Trip Report: First trip to Stratton since their window price cracked $70; lured back by the lift ticket giveaway & the x-card with a free day tossed in. They have done a fairly...
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    Date(s) Skied: 1/28/06 Resort or Ski Area: Haystack Conditions: PURE POWDER Trip Report: After the excellent conditions at Mt Snow on Friday (see Billski's report), I figured old Haystack should have some goods. Caught an early lift on Saturday & skinned over the ridge trail. Pure powder...
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    Timberline, WV - 1/7/05

    Date(s) Skied: 1/7/05 Resort or Ski Area: Timberline Conditions: powder / packed powder Trip Report: Just had to toss in a "southern" ski area to keep you folks honest. Its not a big area (1000' vert, really only 8 or 9 trails), with 2 lifts, slow & slower (a little like Magic Mtn in that...
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    Report from the Southland

    I know, I know... its not considered the northeast, but almost heaven West Virginia is too good to be overlooked. The snow looked pretty good at Snowshoe on T-day, but I just could not see paying $45 to Intrawest for four runs on snow that had been touched by the hand of man. Travelled a few...
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    Lift Ticket Prices

    In browsing the posted window rates at some Vermont areas, I was shocked to see that Stratton is not as stratospheric as it used to be - Mt Sneaux now lists 1 day midweek, peak season at $61, compared to Strattons $59! Even Slokemo beats Stratton on the midweek. $towe still seems determined to...
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    Money from ski areas!

    Well I receieved a most unusual gift the other day - money from a ski area! I had renewed my daughter's college student 3-dom pass at the end of the season (albeit with a grudge due to what I felt was a substantial price increase). Then Booth Creek went & lowered the price & sent a refund...
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    Favorite Base Lodge

    Everyone can go on at length about their favorite mtn, favorite run, etc etc.... what about your favorite base lodge? Not that I try to spend that much time in 'em, but a few have some nice qualities. Some of my favorites: Best leather boot 'n hickory stick appeal: Belleayre (NY). Best food...