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  1. Rowsdower

    Chairlift Identification Help

    Hey all, I'm back with more chairlift questions. I've been putting together history videos for abandoned ski areas around the Mid Atlantic (and later NE too I'm hoping). I came across this area in the Poconos with a still standing double chair. However I could find very little information...
  2. Rowsdower

    Lost Ski Area: Tour of Blue Marsh Ski Area, formerly Heidelberg Ski Club

    Hey all, First off thanks again to pointing me in the direction of some ski lift historical resources. I've been planning this project for a while and finally am getting started on collating some of the history of local ski areas which have closed, along with touring the areas today and...
  3. Rowsdower

    Ski Lift History Resources

    Hey all, I'm looking around for any historical resources on chairlifts. When they were installed, by what manufacturer, etc. Stuff like that for different ski areas. I remember an old site called skilifts.org but that appears to be inactive. Is there any kind of resource around with this sort...
  4. Rowsdower

    3/25/2018 Jack Frost, PA

    Just got back from a great late March day at Jackson Frost. Surprised to arrive to a couple fresh inches of snow this morning. The woods are still in play although by noon it was obvious that its thinning out in places. Conditions were straight up dust on crust off the trails. Pretty hard where...
  5. Rowsdower

    Plattekill - 3/16/18 - St Platty's Day

    Just got back from St Platty's. This place is absolutely ridiculous right now. The pow is thigh deep in some places. After two massive storms Plattekill has been getting 6-12 inch "refreshers" every day since last weekend. The result is a damn near pristine mountain and woods filled in about as...
  6. Rowsdower

    Elk Mountain, PA - 3/15/2018

    Just got in from riding Elk Mountain, PA all day. They must have received some more snowfall overnight. Looked to be 4-6 inches around the mountain when I pulled up this morning. Probably 6 or more up top. This is on top of what has been accumulating over the last 10 days. Unfortunately all but...
  7. Rowsdower

    Jack Frost, PA, 3/13/2018 - VT-like conditions in the Poconos

    We had everything today: glades, cliffs, packed pow on the trails and a lot of spots on the sides that hadn't even gotten tracked up yet. Jackson Frost was practically empty today. I shared the east side of the mountain with maybe ten people, tops. Meant that you could find untracked powder in...
  8. Rowsdower

    Plattekill Party: Winter Storm Riley 3-2-17 Roll Call

    Impromptu AZer day at Plattekill tomorrow? Who else is gonna be there? Uh, its 2018 also. Also tomorrow is the 3rd.
  9. Rowsdower

    1-17-17 Jack Frost powder day

    xpost from PASR: ust got back from a great day at Jack Frost. Best conditions so far this year. Had a blast. Frost picked up about 8 inches last night which was on the high end of the forecast. Micro climates and all that I guess. Left a little late but the roads were fine (only about an inch...
  10. Rowsdower

    Ski Patch Collections

    Was wondering if anyone else on here collected old ski patches. I started last year and have a nice little collection going. It's been fun going through old ski area history as well. You learn a bit about lost areas, the history of skiing in the NE and the styles that used to be popular back in...
  11. Rowsdower

    Belleayre/Plattekill - 3/18-19/2017

    If you wanted the goods in the Catskills then last weekend was the time to get em'. Started out Saturday at Belleayre to get a hike in to Cathedral Brook which rode amazingly well. Soft bumped packed pow on the upper half and thigh deep powder on the lower half. Only looked like half a dozen...
  12. Rowsdower

    Belle Mountain, NJ - 3/14/2017

    Needed to scratch the itch so I decided to earn some turns locally. Belle Mountain was a tiny (~200 vert drop) ski area outside Lambertville, NJ which closed down in 1997. The runs are still mostly clear and the land is open to the public so you can hike or skin up. I decided to give it a go...
  13. Rowsdower

    Magic: 2-12-17

    Went to Magic today. I've never been. I really liked it. I really really liked it. I was too much of a weenie to try Red Line with the bulletproof layer scraped clean. I need to come back to try it. But we sampled pretty much everything else: Twilight Zone, Witch, Black Line, Green Line...
  14. Rowsdower

    Tucks Condition This Year?

    Looks like I may be taking a trip to the White Mountains this May or June. I plan on hiking around the Presidentials and thought about checking out Tuckerman's Ravine. I've never been, but I know historically it holds snow into June or July. Seeing as how bad a year we've had, is there any...
  15. Rowsdower

    Blue Moutnain, Pa - 1/24/2016

    Just got back from Blue Mountain, the True Mountain. Was up early to clear off the tail end of the Blizzard of 2016 from the car and then hopped on the PA Turnpike. Roads up were surprisingly good. Turnpike was in great shape and local roads were cleared well enough that I wasn't uncomfortable...
  16. Rowsdower

    Plattekill - 3/9/15

    Arrived around 9:30 to moderate snowfall. On and off snow overnight and through the day put down about an inch or two of fresh snow on the mountain. It wasn't snowing to the east, but local conditions like this are expected given Plattekill's location and topopgraphy. It was really cool to watch...
  17. Rowsdower

    Hunter Mtn: 2/22/15

    Brilliant day today! Left Piscataway, NJ around 7:00 and got in at Hunter around 9:30 and was riding by 10:00. Temp at arrival were hovering around the mid to upper 20s, and skies were overcast to start out. Within an hour the skies opened up for a beautiful bluebird day and temps around 30-35...
  18. Rowsdower

    How many ice cream sandwiches would it take to cover Superstar???

    http://www.theskepticsguide.org/just-chill-it-doesnt-matter-that-your-ice-cream-sandwich-wont-melt Maybe we can convince them to install food-grade plant gum injectors on all their snow guns, or maybe add it to the water supply! :spin:
  19. Rowsdower

    Gore-Bits Coulior Drop?

    Found this on Reddit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zn5kReIHSRw At 1:20 it looks like the guy hits a massive cliff drop. Is this Gore-Bits? I'm not familiar with Gore at all. Either way, this guy rips some pretty sick terrain.
  20. Rowsdower

    Camelback - 2/22/14

    Rain cleared up last night and the weather report was calling for highs near 50 and full sun. Decided it would be worth heading out as conditions might be nice and spring-like. Left NJ around 9 and was at the summit of Camelback by 11. Lines weren't too bad on the Bailey double so I started my...