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  1. Skier4life

    Walkie talkie anyone???

    Does any one use a walkie talkie set to keep n touch with the family? I am thinking of getting a set but not sure if its even worth it with all the caveats that they really only work well with line of sight and such! Does anyone have any suggestions for a good set or even advice on whether to...
  2. Skier4life

    Magic lodging

    Anyone got any recommendations for good moderately priced weekend lodging near Magic Mountain? I know its a wide open question so shoot whatever you have it will be helpful I am sure...thanks!
  3. Skier4life

    Toronto skiing this christmas

    My family and I are going up to Toronto this Christmas holiday period for some culture in the alpine way of life of the Canadian kind. Can anyone here suggest, or does anyone know of a great site to find discounts on the mountians I will be close to? [I have checked Liftopia and nothing yet]...
  4. Skier4life

    Blades 'n' Glades

    I love messing around on blades all over the mountain, though it gets frustrating when I encounter that deep powder, which brings me to my question :-? What is your opinion on riding blades through glades, is it possible to actually enjoy it on short skis? I have ventured into a few glade...
  5. Skier4life

    Kids Ski-wee programs

    Does anyone have personal experiences with children's ski schools at either Hunter or Windham mountains? I want to put my 5 year old daughter in a program and was wondering what others thought. I realise that there are varying factors that determine if a school is successful or even effective...
  6. Skier4life

    Jiminy Peak - what's the skinny?

    I was originally planning on attending the 3011 WM movie in NYC: "Like there's no tomorrow" because other than a great night out to watch a good ski movie with like minded folks, there's the obvious attraction of getting some nice swag and lift ticket options for both Gore and Jiminy. However...