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  1. octopus

    Jay peak for xmas vacation?

    What's the snow like up there around xmas? I'm looking for the best place to go around that time, other options are Bretton, killing ton and Stratton. What do u think, any better options ?
  2. octopus

    sunday river 5/31

    a goal of mine was to find some snow on my 42nd birthday, all thats left from the terrain park on north peak. and some pics from the golf course. small golfing buddies ayup had a couple sam adams on the clubhouse deck
  3. octopus

    sunday river 5/2

    awesome day, good vibe and free. happy place found.
  4. octopus

    anyone been to mittersill lately ?

    just wondering what the conditions are like.
  5. octopus

    summer vacation in bar harbor?

    anyone been there in the summer? i've been doing some research and harbor side and bar harbor inn seem like the nicest places to stay. any info on whats the best place to stay and what to do would be appreciated, prob be there for 3 nights and then head to samoset for another 3. thx
  6. octopus


    still like them! wife bought me one for my bday, threw it around with her and my son for a while. good times running around and teaching her how to throw it.
  7. octopus

    pico 13-really crappy go pro vid

    i just figured out how to make this work,i think. may be a vid or link, idk. http://youtu.be/vjyg90AiQr0
  8. octopus

    smugglers notch for xmas?

    we're thinking about going to smuggs for 4nights over xmas vacation. i see they only have 13 trails open, which doesnt seem like much to me. i was wondering if any body has any info on more trails opening or what its like up there, I've never been. i'll be going with my wife and 16 y/o son...
  9. octopus

    found some old lift tickets

    my mom found these at her house, i think they're old lift tickets. post up if you have any to share.
  10. octopus

    f@ck, marry, kill.....

    casey anthony, jodi arias, amanda knox. roll the dice
  11. octopus

    CORE SHOT! need a good shop to repair snowboard near boston

    put a nice gouge in a 3hr old snowboard:thumbdown: its next to the edge and to the core. i think it needs a base weld , not just slap some ptex on it. anyone know a good shop near boston?
  12. octopus

    wave skiing

    i just watched a guy ski on some big waves! google chuck patterson
  13. octopus

    who's still making snow?

    seems to be the only option this year.i think a couple maine resorts are, and maybe some vermont. what about new hampshire?
  14. octopus

    n. conway for school vacation w/son, least crowded resort?

    thinking about taking my boy boarding over feb school vacation, maybe to n. conway area. i'm thinking bretton woods will be the least crowded out of the surrounding mtn's up there. anyone care to share any info from those who have done it before? is it a complete mess? i really don't like...
  15. octopus

    north maine woods

    camping trip near the katahdin iron works. small waterfall and swimming hole, awesome site until it started to hail and then rain nonstop.:roll:(first week of august,btw). anyways, heres a pic of next to the site we camped at, will get back here someday.
  16. octopus

    west coast mtn map?

    is there a site like this for west coast(usa) mtns? i'm looking for a map like the one here. thx