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  1. Tin

    Magic 3/24

    Woods are still loaded on the upper mountain. Trick, Tali and the snowmaking trails were fantastic. Skiers left of Blackline was quite the challenge. Medium and Up Your Sleeve have some small bumps forming. Will all be very soft tomorrow and it is Spring Fling weekend!
  2. Tin

    Berkshire East 2/8

    Berkie has a ton of snow. Lapped Liftline about 10 times, East Glades, and most woods (aside from Avalanche and Tomahawk are on). Was expecting crusty junk, instead 4-5" of untouched cream cheese topped with sleet. Tomorrow's system will make things skiable that have not been in years.
  3. Tin

    Magic 1/19 - Another Powder Day to Remember

    Just amazing day at Magic, grabbed third chair and then just did laps of untracked 8-9" of snow until about 11am. Then it was on to bombing down pow bumps. Met up with some friends including "Reefer" from here. Hell of a day. If you haven't been to Magic yet take advantage of the Throwback...
  4. Tin

    The second half

    Getting close to the half way point for many areas. Early on was a bit warm for snowmaking which caused some delays in trail expansion and openings. Late November to mid December had some amazing up slope events. Then things got a bit boring followed by the typical January melt down that started...
  5. Tin

    Magic 1/12 - Spring Skiing

    Went up to Magic today to enjoy some spring-like turns. A fantastic day to be out, the rain held off for the most part. Was cool to see the radar and a hole around Magic while most of southern VT was getting really wet. The East Side trails are in great shape. The groomers at Magic have some...
  6. Tin

    Jay Peak 1/9, my last trip

    Woods were fantastic. Trails were on the icy side of firm. Canyonland, Deliverance, Kitz, Timbuk, Orchard, and Staircase skied fantastic. Were were stuck to the Bonnie and Jet thanks to an absolutely bull shit wind hold, we hiked up to Tux Chute, never experienced a wind of 10 knots. Never had...
  7. Tin

    Magic Opening Day Powder

    Amazing job by the new team at Magic for opening yesterday! Was planning on hiking and snowshoeing given the pictures of the upper mountain prior to the storm (completely bare thanks to some inversion events). Around 10pm at BLT we saw the groomer heading up and got hopeful. JamaicaMan's on...
  8. Tin

    Berkshire East Pow Day

    Sure it was awesome everywhere today. Berkie had 6" down by 10am and it ripped until after noon. Probably ended up with 8-9". Catsup said they were dropping ropes so we went. Took double the time it should have but got onto Liftline, UMass, Blizzard Island, etc which were boot+ deep. GF's first...
  9. Tin

    Pico Powder - Boot deep and 2-4' drifts

    Was planning on Pico since last week. Unfortunately the modeled system slipped south so I was planning on a couple inches on cord, leftovers from Monday's 5-6" event, and hiking to the Outpost area. I do not know what the hell happened, or how, but it was much much more. I arrived around 8:30...
  10. Tin

    Sugarbush Powder Day

    What a day. Legit boot + deep in the woods are Paradise the first two runs. Then jumped the 10am gun and hiked to Castlerock. Just tons of snow. I actually believe the 28" since Friday report. Went for Liftline first where the Sugarbush photography/social media crew was filming/snapping pics of...
  11. Tin

    10" at K (part 2)

    Was scared after looking at the radar this morning, drove up not expecting much. Ridge was a scraped down disaster with 15 minute+ waits. After a couple runs on the ridge and seeing a few screaming matches amongest the Joey's, we decided to try to make the best of it and do some exploring. Hiked...
  12. Tin

    Interactive trail maps

    Mammoth's new one is incredible. Anyone know of other good ones like this? Kind of fun on a rainy day. http://www.mammothmountain.com/winter/mountain-information/mountain-information/trail-map
  13. Tin

    10" October Day at K

    Drove up in complete rain up, thought it was going to be a wet one. At Snowshed at 8:15 it was pouring rain, by the time I hit K1 it was snow. Rumor was 5" up top, by the time the gondi started loading at 9:30 it was 10". Lapped the ridge area about a dozen times, soft pillows under the lift and...
  14. Tin

    It's coming!

    Let's start the season with a 348hour solution!
  15. Tin

    Medical Bills from Ski Areas...

    Just came across a third mention of this happening on another website. Apparently, unless you are seriously injured at places like Wachusett and Okemo (the two that have been mentioned in other forums), you might want to avoid their ski patrol and first aid stations. Apparently some of these...
  16. Tin

    Southern New England Thundersnow and Wind

    Not a true snowicane set up and useless for ski purposes but tomorrow looks to be one of those weather events that is just wild and memorable. It won't put down a ton of snow but a few hours in the morning the winds that rival Sandy and Irene. And the coolest part of all, thundersnow and...
  17. Tin

    Hey tuna!

    Come on. It is funny. Laugh
  18. Tin

    Wachusett Vouchers 3/22

    Well they are opening for one last day. I will be there and will have two extra vouchers.
  19. Tin

    Subaru Recall

    After 17 pages of fun in the Tuna thread, my GF received a letter last night from Subaru. Recall on 05-08 Legacy and Outbacks due to the passenger side air bag inflator rupturing and sending metal pieces out (AKA shrapnel). However, there is a part shortage so do not let anyone ride in the...
  20. Tin

    2/15-2/18. A New Hope or We are Screwed.

    Big shift east on the 12z GFS. Low over Long Island and ends up in southern Maine Versus earlier. Low comes across Pennsylvania and up into VT. Newest snow map...