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  1. buellski

    Thunder Mountain Bike Park 9/24

    I finally made it down to Thunder Mountain this past weekend with my son. Saturday was a perfect day for riding. Cool temperatures and the recent rain made conditions prime for riding more amazing trails built by Gravity Logic. We started with a few runs down Blue Pulaski and The Gronk. Blue...
  2. buellski

    Beer League Skis

    I've been racing on Thursday nights at Whaleback for the last few years on my Blizzard Bonafides, and needless to say, they're not the best tool for the job. I'm thinking of picking up some beer league skis for this year. Seeing as I'm on Blizzards now and love them, my first thought were these...
  3. buellski

    Killington Bike Park

    Went to Killington Bike Park for the first time this past weekend with my son. One word: Wow! Just in terms of size and accessibility, I doubt anyone else in New England can compare. Even though Burke has the shuttle to the top, the gondola plus the availability of trails for mere mortals off...
  4. buellski

    Western North Carolina

    We just got back from some time in the mountains of Western North Carolina, and it is a mountain bike and craft brew mecca! On our first full day, we hit up Kolo Bike Park in Asheville. This is basically a bike park within the city limits and has some short, but fun single track, a top notch...
  5. buellski

    Highland 4-29

    My son and I headed over to Highland for the public opening day. They opened for pass holders on Thursday. We got there around 10:30 and the lift line was pretty short. The weather, which we were concerned would be cloudy and cool, ended up being perfect. We started out by going to see if the...
  6. buellski

    Burke Mountain Bike Park

    Since starting DH mountain biking, my son and I have been wanting to get up to Burke to try out their bike park. We finally made the trip up this past Saturday. The weather was perfect and we had a great day of riding. We started out with a warm up lap of Roly Grail. This is the beginner trail...
  7. buellski

    SPOILER ALERT: Windham WC DH Results

    Gwin wins ag'in!
  8. buellski

    Rolling out the green carpet

    Title of an interesting article in SAM about the downhill mountain bike industry: http://www.saminfo.com/blog/rolling-out-green-carpet
  9. buellski

    The Other Downhill Season

    Kicked off the DH MTB season over the weekend. My son and I took Friday off and hit Highland to avoid the crowds. We had perfect riding weather, almost no lift lines, and the trails were in great condition. Sunapee opened on Saturday so we headed over there for a couple of hours as well. They...
  10. buellski

    Everyone's starting to get in on this downhill MTB thing.

    Okemo to offer lift-served downhill mountain biking using South Ridge A Quad. http://www.okemo.com/activities/mountain-biking/
  11. buellski

    New speed record

    223.3 km/h...almost 140mph!
  12. buellski

    Okemo 11/22/14

    My son and I headed over to Okemo Saturday for our first turns of the season. It was cold and little firm in the morning, but by the afternoon the sun came out and softened things up. Coverage was excellent and the skiing was pretty nice once the snow softened up. The lift situation was a little...
  13. buellski

    97-Year-Old Skier Still Hunting For Powder Stashes

    Hope I'm still doing this when I'm 97! http://purpose2play.com/97-year-old-skier-still-hunting-powder-stashes/
  14. buellski


    My son and I went to Highland on Friday for the first time! We had an amazing time, and all I could think was, "Why didn't we do this sooner?" We signed up for the Find Your Ride camp which, for $99, gets you a lesson, bike, and full armor. We showed up at 10AM and were ushered through the...
  15. buellski

    Downhill MTB at Mt. Sunapee!

  16. buellski

    First trip to KT

    My 10yo son and I finally made it to Kingdom Trails for the first time ever this past Saturday. What an incredible trail system! We can't wait to go back! I had heard all the rave reviews about the place, but I was curious if it would live up to it all. It exceeded my expectations and then some...
  17. buellski

    Park City without Park City?

    My family is planning a trip out west for this coming season. It will be our first trip, for any of us, out west to ski. We had been thinking of going to Park City for a few reasons. First, three resorts that my son and I could sample while we’re there. Second, a nice resort town with lots of...
  18. buellski

    Free Skiing at Bretton Woods 10/30

  19. buellski


  20. buellski

    Franklin Falls Dam - 4/29/12

    I took my kids here this weekend as I was told it had kid-friendly single track. I'm happy to report it does as well as some double-track/dirt roads that you can bail out too if things get too tough for the kids. Lots of twists and turns but nothing too technical. We only rode for about an...