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  1. JDMRoma

    Icelantic Keepers 178 Marker Jester Pro's

    Powder skis that are good for spring skiing too ! Dimensions are 178 length 150mm Tip, 119mm Underfoot and 136mm tail These would be considered twin tip. Skis are in Great shape only used on Sunday Powder days ! Scratches in top sheet are only cosmetic and bases have typical scratches...
  2. JDMRoma

    2018 Head SuperShape I Ralleys

    Skis are in really good shape, only used on Groomer days. They are 177s ! Bases are almost perfect with light scratches and top sheets are in decent shape These are mounted with Head System bindings PRD 12s and are completely adjustable. I have them listed on Craigs list for $450 looking to...
  3. JDMRoma

    Marker Duke EPF 16 Lg with 110 brakes

    for sale one pair of Dukes in excellent condition Will try to post up some pics $225 with all mounting Hardware included
  4. JDMRoma

    New Ski's !! Its that time of the year !

    Just picked up my Nordica Soul Riders with Rossi FKS 140s ! On an impulse I bought new boots too ! Got a decent deal on Head Venture 130s......Spent some money this morning ! Yikes Bought everything at Sport Thoma up in Lincoln, just around 900 for everything It can Snow now anytime.......Im...
  5. JDMRoma

    Cannon 4-18 ?

    Anyone up for Cannon this Friday ? Getting it before the wet weather comes back on Saturday !
  6. JDMRoma

    Cannon 3-8 !!

    Showed up early…as usual for me and started off on the top of the Cannonball with Upper Ravine,Skylight, Upper Cannon and my Fav…VistaWay ! They were all skiing really well although slightly firm first off in the am. I was lucky to run into Kleetus (Adam) on the Cannonball lift early off and we...
  7. JDMRoma

    AZ Jay Peak day ?

    Just checking to see if there is any interest of doing a meet up at Jay Peak ? I had mentioned it in another thread and there is some interest but wanted everyone to see it. Just an informal meet up, Im not familiar with JP...Never been...but want to get there this year. Any tips would be...
  8. JDMRoma

    2 Day Illness ! Bretton Woods and Cannon

    Left early on Wednesday morning to show up at Bretton Woods at 6:30am…to bad they didint open till 9.Had a good nap and got right out at opening. 3 or 4 inches down when I got there and snowed most of the day, All trails were skiing really well,took a late lunch and came back out to Major...
  9. JDMRoma

    Weekend Roll Call.......

    Where is everyone going for the long weekend ? Im probably hitting up Bretton Woods, Saturday and Monday.......Sunday not sure, Have not been to Waterville or Cannon yet this year.
  10. JDMRoma

    Soul 7s are in !

    Fed Ex just delivered my ski's….Very Happy ! Think Im going to switch out my bindings though….how will this affect the integrity of the ski ? I think Im going to ditch the Demo Bindings and mount up my Griffon Schizo's that are on my Gotama's Gotama is 106 at the waist and Souls are 107….so they...
  11. JDMRoma

    Bretton Woods 1-1-14

    Decided to hit up BW today…..showed up with 2 -3 inches of light fluff on top of everything It made for a Wonderful day, no crowds and all the Groomed trails skied really well. Jumped into the Glades to check em out, they weren't too bad….Hit Glade West off of the top of Coos it was fun to...
  12. JDMRoma

    F/Sale 2011 Volkl Gotama 178's

    Up for sale is a lightly used pair of 2011 Volkl Gotama’s 178 Dimensions: 138/106/122 Radius: 29m Full Rockered Twin Tip / Volkl ELP Rocker Mounted with Marker Griffon Schizo’s Purchase skis last year on Ebay for $600 and bought the Schizo’s here locally for $275 I have about 8 days on them...
  13. JDMRoma

    Last day in the Glades !

    My day 2 and 3 were basically white outs, so not much in the picture department but did manage to get in some serious ski time. I spent both days on groomers out on Storm Peak and over on the Sundown / Sunshine lifts…lots of powder to be had. Took Christmas day off and hit it again on Thursday...
  14. JDMRoma

    New Ski's !!

    Well after day four on the Rossi's, I decided I LOVE them ! When I came in to return them at the place I rented I asked what it would cost to buy……$450 plus shipping of $52. They were rented a total of 6 days, 4 of them were by Me ….So I went for it !! Not a bad price considering……and yes...
  15. JDMRoma

    Steamboat Day one !

    Woke up to 12 inches of new snow on top of everything they already have ! Epic day was had….started off on Storm peak…awesome early on in the morning…drifts 2ft …soft fluffy white snow !Started my day on Dynastar Cham 107 HMs, they were fine but decide to swop out for the Rossi Soul 7s for the...
  16. JDMRoma

    Bretton Woods 11-16

    Skied Bretton Woods today, Amazing spring skiing in November….who would have thought ! Arrived at 7:15…my usual time of arrival , was first chair at 7:45….skied on till 12:30 without taking a break. No lines at all, it was a pretty Nice day…although a little to warm for my liking but Ill take it...
  17. JDMRoma

    Fun at Work !

    Not every day is Fun but yesterday I had the pleasure of working on Killingtons trail map for this upcoming season....was happy to be admiring the Beast !! I work at a Large Commercial Printing shop, working in Prepress I was Grooming the Indesign Document setting it up for printing ( making...
  18. JDMRoma

    Powder Straps ?

    When I was out to Steamboat last year I noticed a few people who had lost skis, wanting to prevent that ever from happening !! So I heard that you can get powder straps, never heard of them...anyone know how they work ? do they attach to you or just something to be able to find in the snow ???
  19. JDMRoma

    Bretton Woods 1-29

    Decided to burn a Vacation day today and made out pretty darn good ! Showed up with 3 to 4 inches of fresh powder ! 1st chair at 8:50am and first tracks for the first hour or so ! Nice getting out on the New Ski's in Freshies !! All the trails were excellent,even the Natural ones...Plenty of...