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    Jan 12 Bromley and general update

    Quick update of latest skiing...... Sunday saw really nice whale skiing on Peril and Blue Ribbon, with Panic, No Name Chute and Lower Stargazer added on Monday. Still whales today but they were grooming out the runouts and likely Peril and Blue Ribbon will be fully groomed soon. Today also...
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    12/27/20 - Bromley

    Not a bad day today especially given only day 2 after Grinch storm. Firm and fast with some granular and a few inches of fluff worked in. They refreshed the East Meadow beginner area and a few other spots. There was also some gun powder that blew onto upper Twister and upper Thruway from...
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    Bromley Saturday 12/12

    After a one-day opening on a WROD Sunday of thanksgiving weekend, Bromley more fully opened today (though they will close Mon-Wed then open full time). Trial count was more like a typical thanksgiving - Upper Twister, Corkscrew, West Meadow, Lower Boulevard - but base depth and width was...
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    Stoke only

    https://youtu.be/4DjdJydl-ds Enough with Covid! This video always gets me stoked. But this video with this song just seems appropriate. There’s always a Silver Lining. Post a pic or a video that gets you stoked to ski or board. I am sure it will do the same for the rest us. We all need it...
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    Magic 2/19 - Time to go to Magic

    Magic is in its prime, short of an outright powder day. 7-9” yesterday but not a true powder day today as it got wet for a bit last night. No ice crust, just heavier snow with a slight, breakable crust. But the snow was very skiable. And coverage is outstanding, with the strong base that allowed...
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    Magic 2/17

    Spent this morning at Magic. Man made trails all groomed to perfection and looking like they will hold up all day. Good base on natural snow trails if a bit firm, and the steeps do have some spots requiring awareness. As one would expect the natural trails that had not been groomed this weekend...
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    St Moritz 12/14-16 World Cup. Mini beginners guide to St Moritz

    Destination & timing - My eldest daughter had just finished her semester abroad, and with a desire to ski in the Alps and see a World Cup race (preferably the woman) before she came home, that meant St Mortitz. At least there were no arguments about which ski resort to choose...... The trip - 7...
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    Stratton - 11/28/19

    Thanksgiving morning turns thanks to buying the Ikon pass for trip out West. Stratton the only game in town.. Woke up to 3” of dense snow at 2,300’ at Bromley townhouse. Ride to Stratton showed no snow in the valley. They reported 1” but that was at the base. 3” up on upper mountain for sure...
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    Who is right?

    Mount Snow 11/20/19: "With 12 trails open and 109 acres across three mountain faces, we’re continuing with the most open acreage in the East!" Killington 11/20/19: "20 open trails, which total more than 13 miles. The Beast still leads the East in open terrain this week." Could it really be...
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    Winter 2019/2020

    Need to crank the engine on this forum! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGZJ8tSFLDs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIxelyZBysI I actually have no idea who these guys are. I like the fact that they agree, and I obviously like their conclusions. :snow:The 2nd one has some fairly solid analysis...
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    FIS Woman's world cup a Killington

    Saw on US Ski Team Instagram that the event is locked in for two more years. :flag:
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    2018/19 Skier visits

    Flash report from NSAA is over 59 million, up 11% YOY. Given all the noise about EPIC and Ikon-ic crowding this year I would have expected higher. Massive snow year out West, good to very good year in the East, strong economy, etc.
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    Plans at Stratton

    From Act 250 filing. Interesting that they are removing lodging/employee housing for parking. It seems one consistent theme in the discussions regarding EPIC/IKON are the parking issues. Must admit I'm looking forward to the mountain biking operation. -In lieu of about 250-300 seats permitted...
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    Stowe 3/8-9

    Two blue bird "boys weekend" days at Stowe, with Friday a bit colder/windier and Saturday almost spring like. Groomers skied great though some areas got slick, especially on a very busy Saturday. Notable areas were the second pitch on Hayride, the top pitch of liftline, and the entrance to...
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    Epic vs Ikon

    The Epic vs. Ikon M&A Battle That Will Transform Your Ski Season 2019-03-01 10:00:36.277 GMT By Kyle Stock (Bloomberg Businessweek) -- Even among the world’s most polished ski resorts, Deer Valley—with its vast carpets of flawlessly groomed snow spread across four Utah peaks—was always...
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    Pico 2/18

    Feb 18 Presidents’ Day. 1-2” at start, 3-4” by 1pm and still snowing. Groomers outstanding with natural trails a bit firm under neath but building snow totals helped a lot. Very mellow crowd - ski on all day. Loved The Outpost with its old, lattice tower double and mostly natural trails and...
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    Magic 2/14

    Talisman Not a true powder day but very good. Recent snow was 4-6”, then sleet, then another 2-3”. There was not a crust, just a more dense but cushioning underneath layer, while floating on top 2-3”. Ideal base - the equivalent of 14-15” of “normal” snow so a big help. It groomed out to...
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    Bromley Feb 2

    Very good conditions. 100% open. Groomers were hero cold squeaky packed powder and there were legit powder shots on ungromed trails and the woods. Obvious that the cold kept people off the hill post storm. I’d say the snow this week compressed to 6-8” but was still very light and very skiable...
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    Bromley 12/8

    Well waaayyy better than expected. I guess the combo of Sunday/Monday not being too terrible, plus plenty of recent natural to absorb the rain, and then plenty of time to drain (closed during the week). And of course 3-4” this week to groom into the more frozen granular made all the difference...
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    Bromley 11/23

    So obviously some sweet powder to be had, just had to be a bit of an outlaw :wink: And obviously great snowmaking weather with the largest school of mega whales I have seen. There were a lot of WTF moments.... The last day of skiing last season was April 7th at Magic with 8” of Powder. The...