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  1. Conrad

    Killington May 21, 2016

    Headed to Killington today for the afternoon. I arrived at 2:15 and was on the slope at 2:30. Skied till 4:45. The ticket was $29. The trail was top to bottom and most of it was in very good shape. Their plan is to open again next weekend. Most of the middle section is in excellent shape. The...
  2. Conrad

    Quechee 1/17/2016

    First trip report in a while so here we go! I have been waiting for better snow conditions, but finally decided to get a warm up day in at Quechee. I got a twilight pass (2-4pm) for $16 and hit the slopes! They had two top to bottom runs open off their quad chairlift (Doppelmayr). They were...
  3. Conrad

    Skiing off the backside of Sunday River (Video)

    Not saying this was a good idea, but here is footage I got skiing off the backside of Sunday River on April 4, 2014. Was it worth it from a skier's perspective? No. Was it worth it from an adventurer's perspective? Possibly. I admit there were several moments near the top where I almost turned...
  4. Conrad

    New England Season Pass Price Comparison Table

    With many ski areas selling their season passes already, I created an Excel table with all the season pass prices I could find in New England and then sorted them by price. The result is this. Let me know if you see any new season passes going on sale and I will add them to the chart. However...
  5. Conrad

    The 9 Best Mountains for Spring Skiing

    The 9 Best Mountains for Spring Skiing Jackson Hole Stevens Pass Silverton Black Jack Ski Resort, Michigan Lake Louise Telluride Sugarloaf Heavenly Mt. Bachelor Notable exceptions I would say would be A-Basin, Loveland, Mammoth, Timberline Lodge, Killington, and Snowbird. If anything, I would...
  6. Conrad

    Sugarloaf - 3/1/14

    Date(s) Skied: March 1, 2014 Resort or Ski Area: Sugarloaf Conditions: quick, hard packed, some snowdrifts Trip Report: Had a good first day back at Sugarloaf since last season, skiing lots of trails and doing some exploring. The conditions were only okay, but I can't complain because there...
  7. Conrad

    Black Mountain NH - 1/13

    Date(s) Skied: January 13, 2013 Resort or Ski Area: Black Mountain, NH Conditions: In the Sun: corn. In the shade: hard packed icy Trip Report: I've been really dormant on AZ lately, so looking to get back into the loop, I decided to write this TR. Being one of the closest ski areas to me...
  8. Conrad

    Tokyo Awarded 2020 Summer Olympics

    This will be following the 2018 South Korean Winter Olympics. I'm excited, but it will be interesting what the road to the games will be like, considering how Japan is struggling with population decline and a less transparent government during the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster. But overall...
  9. Conrad

    13 Things Everyone From New England Knows

    Normally I wouldn't start an entire thread on something like this, but this video gives Nick a cameo appearance from the AlpineZone YouTube video: ""Spring" Skiing at Sugarbush in the Mad River Valley, Vermont | AlpineZone" Other than the mistake in which they describe Winter as terrible, what...
  10. Conrad

    Newfoundland May-June 2013

    This isn't strictly about hiking, but we did quite a bit of it on a trip lasting between May 20th and June 6th. I, along with six other fellow college students and a professor, visited Newfoundland as part of a May Term Geology course. Starting in Maine, we drove all the way up to the...
  11. Conrad

    10 Classic Northeast Ski Lifts

    Since I am assuming AlpineZoner ss20 wouldn't start a topic on his own video, I just want to share it with everyone for him. He worked hard on it (for months, I believe) and I think it will generate a good discussion. Enjoy!
  12. Conrad

    The Ultimate Wake Up PRANK Compilation

    Saw this on TheFineBros. Some good stuff. But my goodness, the guy who's friends picked him up and put his head into the fan maybe needs to get new friends!
  13. Conrad

    Sugarloaf 5/5/2013

    Date(s) Skied: May 5, 2013 Resort or Ski Area: Sugarloaf Conditions: Spring Trip Report: After anxiously missing the last two weekends of what seemed like great spring skiing, I finally hit the slopes again for one last hurrah on Sugarloaf's closing day. Usually it isn't too difficult to find...
  14. Conrad

    Jay Peak April 13-14

    Date(s) Skied: April 13 & 14, 2013 Resort or Ski Area: Jay Peak Conditions: Powder in the mornings, Spring-like in the afternoons Trip Report: Every year the Ski and Outing Club at my school (University of Maine at Farmington) has a trip to Jay Peak and decided to do it this year. I had never...
  15. Conrad

    Sunday River spending $5.7 million this summer

    Announced today: Sunday River Resort Announces 2013/14 Capital Enhancement Plan The money won't really affect how I experience Sunday River, but it is still nice to see them investing in the mountain. Looking at there Facebook post, a lot of people were disappointed that the money wasn't spent...
  16. Conrad

    Sunday River 4/4/13

    Date(s) Skied: April 4, 2013 Resort or Ski Area: Sunday River Conditions: Firm/Icy Trip Report: Hoping to work on a school project to measure the slopes of the steepest trails at Sunday River and measure the heights of numerous cliff jumps, I would be disappointed since 95% of the non-groomed...
  17. Conrad

    Ski Areas Still Open Spring 2013

    While ss20 has started a highly successful thread about ski areas that have closed, I care more about the ski areas that are open. I'll try to keep this up-to-date one week at a time, but if I am slacking off, I welcome the assistance of the moderators. Maybe I started this thread a week early...
  18. Conrad

    Wildcat/Attitash 4/1/13

    Date(s) Skied: April 1, 2013 Ski Areas: Wildcat and Attitash Conditions: Wet New Snow, Spring Trip Report: With $9 lift tickets on April Fools Day, it was a no-brainer to visit Wildcat. I had never been to Wildcat before and I always look forward to visiting new places. I also had not been to...
  19. Conrad

    Sunday River 3/30/13

    Date(s) Skied: March 30, 2013 Resort or Ski Area: Sunday River Conditions: Spring Trip Report: On the first day of my spring vacation (yes, University of Maine at Farmington has weird vacations), I took advantage of a bluebird 50 degree day to get some skiing done. I am also working on a...
  20. Conrad

    Sugarloaf 3/9/13

    Date(s) Skied: March 9, 2013 Resort or Ski Area: Sugarloaf Conditions: Soft Snow Trip Report: Had a great bluebird day at the loaf! As a ski lift enthusiast, this the sunny skies were perfect for photographing the lifts. But there was also great skiing to be had too. Predictably it was a...