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    Zeal Goggle Cam vs Go Pro??

    Sorry if this has been covered before. I did a quick search and didn't see anything. Anyone have any experience with Zeal goggles that have the built-in HD camera? When I first saw the print ad I thought this would dominate the action-cam industry. But since then I haven't really heard...
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    Biggest Problem Facing Ski Areas (and not global warming)

    My friends and I made a PSA this past weekend about the biggest problem at ski areas that no one is talking about. Be easy on us... we're not professional actors. Just fellow East Coast skiers addressing a problem. :) VIEW VIDEO HERE ---> http://www.downhillthreads.com/videos_s/1819.htm
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    NYS Skiing for $10! on 1/10/12

    ** 2013, not 2012 ** Sorry if this was posted before. I did a quick look and didn't see it anywhere. I SKI NY.com posted a pretty sweet deal today with a lot of participating mountains. $10 lift tickets on Jan 10, 2013. Mountains include Whiteface, Gore and Holiday Valley. Kind of sucks that...
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    10 Best Ski Areas You've Never Skied

    Ski Magazine just put out this article about the 10 Best Ski Areas You've Never Skied (or probably even heard of). I was psyched to see the list and see that I've actually been to one of them (and not the close one)! I followed the snow last year to Stevens Pass, WA. Awesome mountain... lots of...
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    Ski/Board/Winter Pumpkin Carving Designs...

    Any festive people out there still carving pumpkins? Definitely not my forté but here's my "snowflake" from last year. There's gotta be some great ski/board/winter carvings out there. Anyone here skilled with the knife?
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    800 Free Lift Tickets at the Albany Expo

    Anyone live near Albany, NY? The Albany Ski & Board Expo is coming up in a couple weeks... November 2-4, and I just found out that they are giving the first 400 guests on Saturday and first 400 on Sunday a free lift ticket to their choice of one of the neighboring mountains (including...
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    Skiing after Achilles Tendon Surgery??

    Was wondering if anyone else on here has had and recovered from achilles tendon surgery? Mine tore in half playing soccer in early June, then had the surgery and spent the long summer learning to walk again. But now, with ski season approaching, I am wondering how hard it will be on my achilles...