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  1. C-Rex

    Mount Snow 12-12-16 ($1.20 an inch!)

    I was there as well for my first day of the season. What a way to start it off! On my first run, I got a little overexcited and stuffed the nose while landing off a waterbar. Tomahawked it to the delight of the crowd above on the Bluebird. Rung my bell a bit but laughed it off and soldiered...
  2. C-Rex

    Ruroc helmets

    Any new info or opinions on these things? I'm still interested, but the prices are still quite high. Anyone have first hand experience?
  3. C-Rex

    Vermont Senate Passes Ski Area Bailout

    My biggest problem with MJ legalization arguments is that they miss the point, and that is: We shouldn't need a million good reasons to legalize it. It shouldn't be ILLEGAL in the first place.
  4. C-Rex

    Smuggs 2/19-2/21

    I was typing in IE and it started lagging really bad so I finished it in Word and then copied and pasted.
  5. C-Rex

    Smuggs 2/19-2/21

    Seven friends and I went up to Smuggs on this past weekend for our annual trip. Of course, given the season we've had, we weren't expecting much. Figured we'd make the best of the conditions and if it was really bad, well, that's what booze is for. However, we ended up with a pretty good...
  6. C-Rex

    Conditions at Smuggs?

    I'm just hoping the base survives and the snow that is supposedly coming this weekend does a good job of refreshing the surface.
  7. C-Rex

    Yikes!! Tree well swallows kid up

    The son is just a kid so it's understandable that he freaked out, but hopefully as he gets older he'll learn to keep calm and think his way out. His dad did a great job and set a good example, IMO.
  8. C-Rex

    Killington nightmare

    While it wasn't quite that bad, I had a day that was pretty close at Mount Snow over Christmas break this year. They were supposed to have like 9 trails but Bluebird was on "Wind Hold" so the only thing that was open was Canyon. Every family that had booked a Christmas vacation was crammed on...
  9. C-Rex

    Conditions at Smuggs?

    Ok, thanks. Luckily, this trip was super cheap. $150/person for 2 nights lodging in the condos on Morse and a 3 day lift ticket. Maybe we'll get lucky, or maybe we'll just drink a lot.
  10. C-Rex

    Conditions at Smuggs?

    I have a condo booked this coming weekend at Smuggs. Anyone been lately? How are things? Any woods in play? I'm not sure I even want to know, but whatever, we'll make the best of whatever we get. Beer can make anything better.
  11. C-Rex

    What the heck is going on at Magic?

    Over the weekend, I got some of those Facebook history notices about some powder days at Magic last year. Something about 18 inches of fresh and bombing the lift lines. *Sigh* :sadwalk:
  12. C-Rex

    Winter Returns to NE

    Dear Lord, I don't ask for much. I don't even believe you really exist. But please, please, PLEASE make it dump snow on northern New England. Amen. There are no atheists during crappy ski/snowboard seasons.
  13. C-Rex

    Skier Throws Snowboarder Off Aspen Highlands Chairlift

    If someone pushed me off a lift and I fell 25 ft. I'd be out for blood. That's practically attempted murder. 25 feet is plenty high enough to do some serious damage, or even kill you if you land wrong. The fact that I was lucky enough to land in deep snow and not be injured would not be much...
  14. C-Rex

    Major northeast storm this weekend.

    Man, it's amazing how bitchy everyone gets when there's no snow. I'm feeling the pain too guys, but try to lighten up. We're all on the same team here. :snow:
  15. C-Rex

    First signs that ski season is near

    I was hiking Mt. Tom on Sunday and it was flurrying. I got all excited just from that! Won't be long now!
  16. C-Rex

    Killington 10/20/15

    Must say I am quite jealous. Almost makes me want to drive the 3+ hours up there...
  17. C-Rex

    WANTED: Splitboard

    I've been looking for a splitboard for a while now, and this year I'm determined to make it happen. My riding budget is going to be a bit reduced this season so I want to make up for it by earning some turns. So, if anyone has a splitboard they want to sell/trade, please let me know.
  18. C-Rex

    And then there were three...

    Hi everybody!!! This is my first post of the season and it feels good to be back! Ahhh... some things never change. Everyone is thinking about skiing/riding but most can't get out there yet so we spend our time arguing over stupid things on the internet instead. I'm so glad that AZ hasn't...
  19. C-Rex

    2015 Golf Thread

    This past snowboard season tapped me out. I just couldn't say no with all the snow we got and I WAY overspent my budget. Worth it, on one hand, but my golf season is suffering as a result. Courses are so expensive in CT. I really have to hunt for deals and try to go at off times. My...