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  1. cyrk007

    How did you get started?

    my parents live in a cabin in the woods. I grew up skiing back country runs in my backyard when I was 4-5.. then when i went in 4th grade with a school program after my first lesson I played hooky from the group, I jumped on the lift to the summitt, and the rest is history.
  2. cyrk007

    Work... Ski... Ride...

    im a builder, so usually i have to plow and shovel powder days.. if im lucky there is a dump early and I can plow in the dark then go home and jump in the car to head north and be there for first tracks...
  3. cyrk007

    Best lift in the East

    either triple at the north face of mt snow.. nobody ever goes there, so you can get in 20 runs easy. andthey are relatively quick
  4. cyrk007

    Coolest Trail Names

    flying monkey at sunday river is probably one of the coolest names ive ever skied... laughing histerically and skiing is not a good combination
  5. cyrk007

    Coolest Trail Names

    k12 no contest
  6. cyrk007

    bad mojo under lift lines

    thats when i air out and rip
  7. cyrk007

    Ski films

    my favorite is the front line.. mostly for the soundtrack.. the tricks are pretty weak in comparison to today
  8. cyrk007

    Summer Skiing in S.A.

    you all go south.. i go north.. story of my life
  9. cyrk007

    It's Official. The 2006-2007 Season...

    just re-ordered as well..
  10. cyrk007

    Ever dream you were skiing?

    I had a dream last year... and have had it numerous times in the past, that im skiing down a double black... on a pow day going inbetween evergreens down a 20 foot wide shute. then i come over this clearing and it looks like a jump.. so i go for it, i commit, im flying down, at the point of no...
  11. cyrk007

    A Dark Day...

    time to get out the bike :)
  12. cyrk007

    How do you Ski a Run??

    It really depends on the number of people there, and the conditions.. if there are tons of people i end up stopping alot to make sure as im setting up sections of the trail where there are jumps and places to go fast i'll stop and wait for people to clear out. if there arent many people i just...
  13. cyrk007

    I am taking the rest of December off...

    that sucks man.. you'll be back on the mountain in no time man :beer: to a quick recovery
  14. cyrk007

    AAAGHHH!! the agony that is responsibility.........

    dont worry devo.. the juice is definately worth the squeeze. 8)
  15. cyrk007

    Favorite ski trip Pit Stop

    bueno y sano in amherst if im heading to the rents.. otherwise subway
  16. cyrk007

    Do the Math

    or you could just get a grease car and pay nothing for fuel again. greasecar.com check it out noobs to cheap gas :P
  17. cyrk007

    Mount Snow Opens on Double Blackout Days

    if you think about it though.. where else around here can you get as flexible a pass as inexpensive as it is without working there or being a college student.. I hear you on the work flexibility thing.. im in construction.. so when we get a fresh dump i can go north, ususally during a storm...
  18. cyrk007

    Mount Snow Opens on Double Blackout Days

    damn that sucks.. that was a fun little mountain
  19. cyrk007

    Mount Snow Opens on Double Blackout Days

    is haystack open? usually you can pay $5 on blackout days to ski there.