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    AlpineZone no longer available in the Apple App Store... WTF?

    I needed to restore my iphone from iCloud backup today. Everything is in order except... AlpineZone. When i tap the app icon it shows, "loading..." for a few seconds then this message appears: "Unable to install 'AlpineZone' The app is no longer available in the App Store." FWIW, less than 2...
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    Fees for checking bags

    The transpack carry-on thread got me curious. I'm recently back from a Montana trip (Whitefish, which is awesome btw) and I had to pay $200 each way for my ski bag because it was longer than 62". This was on top of regular fees for any checked bags. I've been ski traveling for 20 years and I've...
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    Bontrager Katan mtn bike shoes size 45 $70 shipped

    Bontrager Katan mtn bike shoes size 45 link Purchased middle of last summer. Very low use - 3 short rides. They look new-ish still. They just don't fit my very wide feet well. $70 shipped. PM if questions?
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    Blister Gear Guide 2016-2017

    Not technically gear but I have an extra copy of Blister's gear guide from last season. Free to who ever wants it. PM to claim it.
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    Is there an Ignore Thread function?

    So as the subject says... Is there an Ignore Thread function here? I'm guessing no but thought I'd ask. I mainly read AZ via the Unread view. There are some threads I have zero interest in, regardless of how long lived they may be.
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    Volkl Mantra 2014 188cm new/never drilled

    I'm not sure whether I actually want to sell these but just thought I'd post to see if there's interest. 2014 Volkl Mantra 184cm new/never drilled. Link. This was the last year (and best graphic IMO) of the previous version of the Mantra, which sold from 2011/12 to 2013/14 IIRC. This ski has...
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    ski club/package trips west

    Anyone here have experience with ski club or package trips to Western areas? I've gone with BSSC (Boston Ski Sports Club) a bunch of times over the years and have been generally satisfied. They're not the cheapest, but the point (for me at least) is one-stop convenience of the package, given...
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    flat pedals

    Question about mtn biking with flat pedals. If you have a decent set of flat pedals (real pedals with spikes not the plastic things that come with the bike), do you also need a dedicated shoe or can you get decent pedal hold with regular running shoes? I've always ridden clipless but I've read...
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    2005 Technical Diablo Fire or Flame boot liners

    A painting project has me cleaning out rooms and closets lately. Last night I found the liners from a pair of 2005 Technica Diablo Flame or Fire boots that were supposed to become my next boot at the time. (I know the boots were either the Flame or Fire but I forget which one.) The boot was...
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    bash rings for 2x setups?

    Does anyone know if there are bashrings that let you keep the big chainring in a 2x? My bike will become an unintended 1x soon if I don't do something to protect the chainring, and I'd prefer a crank mounted ring to a frame mounted guard. Bike is a 2016 Stumpjumper w/ SRAM 2x10 FWIW.
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    mandatory GS turns and GS bumps

    mandatory GS turns. GS bumps. I've seen these terms used a bit here. Anyone want to explain what they actually mean?
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    Hiking boot/shoe fitment question

    For whatever reason(s), toe jamming when stepping on steeply declined surfaces has become an issue for me in recent years' hikes. I'm shopping for new hiking shoes now (for day hiking not extended backpacking) and wondering what're people's opinions on a few questions: Does a well-fitted...
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    chairlift geekery - Baldy Express at Snowbird

    All the recent Snowbird chatter reminds me of something really interesting (to me at least) about the Baldy chair. Has anyone else who's ridden it noticed that it's line kinks slightly rightward near the top? With pretty much every ski lift I've ever ridden, the towers are all exactly...
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    ski boot cuff height vs shell size, and current vs previous trends

    My current boots are Lange RX130 in shell size 27-27.5. BSL is 316 mm. My previous boots are Lange XR9 from the early 90's. The shell size is not marked on the boots but BSL is 323, so i'm guessing it's 1 shell size larger than my RX130's. The cuff height of the RX130 is slightly but noticeably...
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    town of Steamboat question

    About 10 years ago I ate at a steakhouse in Steamboat whose gimmick was that the customers cooked their own meals. There was literally a grilling station in the middle of the dining room. They'd bring your raw steak chicken or whatever to the grill where you cooked it yourself, then when you...
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    Outpost at Pico

    Question for anyone who remembers Pico from the 1980's. I skied there (and Kton) a lot as a kid in early & mid 80's. I don't ever remember seeing the Outpost chair turning. And these were weekends. The area just always looked inactive. The first time I rode the chair was mid 90's. Wondering...
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    FS: New Lange Comp 120 MF boots size 27 / US 9

    I traveled back in time to 2007! Seriously though... I bought these new in early 2007. They were supposed to be my next boot but I procrastinated with starting the fitment process and just skied my old boots until last season. (I'm now dialing RX130's.) They're brand new, never skied, never...
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    boot demo'ing?

    Ski demo'ing is common. Has anyone ever heard of demo events for boots, or shops that let you demo ski boots? I'm guessing it doesn't happen, but just wondering if anyone knows otherwise? I'm long overdue for new boots. I tried to make a switch a few years ago but failed miserably and...
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    K'ton on sunday?

    I give up... I need a day on the slopes. Would it be foolish to think K might not be super crowded this sunday, it being a sunday, between holidays, bad winter so far and the Giants playing?
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    getting to Pinkham Notch from the Boston & general eastern MA area

    I vacillate on route choice everytime I head up there so Im curious what're peoples' routes of choice and why. I refuse to do 95 to 16 because I abhor the stripmall hell of Conway & N. Conway. The Kanc > Bear Notch > 302 > 16 is a great non-winter drive as long as you're not stuck behind a...