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    Recommendation for an ortho in NYC (at NY Presbytarian)

    Hi, Unfortunately it seems that I tore my ACL. I am looking for an ortho at NY Presbytarian. Any recommendations very welcome. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using AlpineZone
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    Suggestions for next week?

    Hi all, Next week is my daughter’s (8) spring break, so we are going skiing. We have max passes. We are good (but not expert) skiers, but can ski a lot of the trails in most mountains. Does not seem to be any snow on the horizon. Any surprise snow possibility in any of these places? Are...
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    This weekend - NY/CT area

    Where do folks think good spots for day trips be from Northern Westchester? I can figure out who got snow, but not sure whether this is on top of brown patches. Any idea on Southington or Mohawk, for example? Thanks!
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    April 14-15

    Snow-forecast is showing a sizable event for next Monday-Tuesday time frame. Not sure what to make of it, but looks promising. :daffy: Here is to my first weather thread. :beer: I hate that this sub-forum is being deserted as the calendar moves on. :cry:
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    Mid-April trip out west

    For best conditions, for next week or the following week, where would you go? Temperatures seem to be climbing. I can't figure it out, but don't want to go all the way out there and not have good conditions. Thank you.
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    Smuggs 3/6 to 3/9

    Another late TR. It was a very good trip. Put daughter in the ski school. She was riding the lifts in no time, having a lot of fun. The conditions were quite good, although this was before the snow in the last two weeks. 3 out of the 4 days were bluebird, so nice that you could see all the way...
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    Next weekend - question

    Planning a long weekend trip to north country. Skiing wise, all looks great. Smuggs was a hit for the family a few weeks ago, although we didn't really see any fresh snow (but brought a ton of it with our departure, you are all welcome). Should I just stick to that or try Stowe or Jay Peak...
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    Catskills conditions

    Hi, Has anybody been to Catskills recently? How are the conditions for a quick trip tomorrow?
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    Upcoming storm and weekend: where are folks going?

    There is a similar discussion in the weather thread, but might be worth having a separate one for this. I probably will not be able to swing Th-Fr given work commitments. Trying to decide on the weekend, and thinking Pico, but Saturday liquid/solid mixed precipitation forecasts aren't pretty...
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    Looking for a base mountain for next year

    As much as chasing the snow is fun, it is difficult to do ski trips with the family and that actually decreases ski days. Because it takes time and energy to pack, etc. every time. We are thinking that if we adopt a base mountain and get a season long rental, we would just go there every weekend...
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    Plattekill February-16/17-2014

    This one's really late, just didn't get to it and also dog ate my pictures. :oops: But better late than never. My first time. I had skied the other ones in the Catskills. I really loved Plattekill and how it skis, I can say that it is my personal mountain in Catskills now. I am an...
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    Conditions at Smuggs

    Has anybody skied Smuggs after Friday or heard of the conditions? Looking to book a last minute trip, but I'd postpone if conditions are bad. I don't ski trees, so that doesn't factor into my decision (I was hoping to get a lesson at Smuggs on this, not a big deal.) Thanks!
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    On mountain rental for rest of the reason

    I am looking for a place on a mountain for the rest of the season. I thought I could maybe get a deal for a couple of months. It could help us get out quite a bit more than schlepping the whole family with equipment every week. Any suggestions for where to look?
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    President's Day Weekend

    Trying to plan ahead a bit. I would like to try to go somewhere where crowds are not crazy. Maybe add a day or two before or after to make a long trip worthwhile. I am looking to get my 4yr old daughter continue to learn (she started this year, and now can go down a bunny hill, turning a bit...
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    How are intermediate trails doing in Catskills, South Vt, Gore?

    Planning a family trip this weekend. I know there is quite a bit of ice out there, but are the intermediate trails in better shape because of snowmaking? ModeratorsL please feel free to move to another sub-forum if you think it fits better there.
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    Seeking boot advice to save my skiing days

    Here is the deal. I am trying to keep the Momma Bear happy for more skiing. She likes skiing, so doesn't complain or anything. But her boot situation is not great, and she is usually in pain. I am thinking this might be the best investment I can make to increase household skiing days. 8-) We...
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    Starting a 4 year old in skiing

    Hi all and happy new year. I am planning to get my daughter start skiing this year. I was actually hoping this Friday, but it will be really cold. I want her to like it and not build a resistance the first time we are out. May skip Friday, and start her on Saturday. Any tips based on your...
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    Crowds next weekend

    I have a suspicion that Super Bowl will keep the crowds off the mountain a little bit. Given the mid-week storm in the works, I am planning a three day trip. Which south Vt. resort is likely to be less busy? Unfortunately, we can't do Magic since missus and I need to take turns skiing to...
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    Catamount driving

    I will be driving up to Catamount tomorrow for the day from NYC. Decided for the 50% more vertical over Mohawk with similar dump from the storm. Question is whether there are better routes to avoid morning and evening commuter traffic. Google gives me three options: 684/22, Saw Mill/684/22 and...
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    Looking for a ride from NYC to any ski area

    If anybody is looking to decrease costs and would like to give a ride any day this week, happy to share the ride and the costs. Please send me a PM.