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  1. Tin

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    Good stuff krusty. Them having Organgrinder and Ripcord even open is better than anything else happening in the east.
  2. Tin

    The NEW Magic Mountain

    You need some pink 80s pants. Grabbed mine for $20 on ebay.
  3. Tin

    Ski Resort Response to COVID-19

    Yes, and rank 48/49th in ICU beds per 1,000 people and currently have the second highest Covid-19 effective reproduction rate in the country (second only to Maine), it's climbing fast and going to continue doing so. It's all about being proactive to avoid overwhelming what little intensive care...
  4. Tin

    The NEW Magic Mountain

    Like it has always been. Capacity limits + travel restrictions is it really that important it gets done this year at all? As long as Red spins who cares. The mountain is in a great place and the community continues to grow.
  5. Tin

    Catamount Ski Area News

    Was thinking the same and bummed about it. Berkie has amazing terrain but the ledge and conifers make it difficult to ever ski. It has to be a wild winter to be able to get in the unmarked woods. I would think Catamount does better in terms of snowfall than Berkshire East and doesn't have as...
  6. Tin

    9% Tax Proposal on NH lift tickts

    If you go to a degree mill school or state school with a lack of research then yes. The rule is never pay for a PhD. So without those courses in a more general field in undergrad how are not prepared to take on more intensive course work and writing to get the advanced degree? Personal...
  7. Tin

    Killington zone not secure?

    More entertaining and informative than your banter.
  8. Tin

    Sunday River improvements for 2019/2020

    No amount of improvements can save that boring ass place.
  9. Tin

    Vail Resorts is buying Peak Resorts.

    Rumor is they are going for the Stony Brook area at Attitash after the new summit lift in 2-3 years.
  10. Tin

    Vail Resorts is buying Peak Resorts.

    Rumor is MRG and Bush will be joining the Freedom Pass with Magic, Bolton, Whale, Platty, etc.
  11. Tin

    The NEW Magic Mountain

    18" of base? That's Killington speak. 8-10" on bare ground and everything on the East Side gets skied + Tali and some dumb shit taking photos for Instagram tries out Red Line and destroys it.
  12. Tin

    AZ Summit 2019 April 5th - 7th, 2019

    A google search of "Sugarloaf ski and stay" yields the same result in terms of cost. Pretty sad the summit is dead.
  13. Tin

    The NEW Magic Mountain

    That cliff-area is actually Bankman's home. He only recently moved out of the tree and stopped making cookies. Was great seeing you fishtail around today!
  14. Tin

    The NEW Magic Mountain

    BIG base and skied it the past two days. Do Work and Jamaicaman (and ma nature) are getting it done!
  15. Tin

    (h)Opening Day Thread 2018-2019

    After SR, Okemo, Mountain Snow, and Wildcat like previous years.
  16. Tin

    The NEW Magic Mountain

    Yea...the pic. Do Work doesn't actually ski anymore.
  17. Tin

    The NEW Magic Mountain

    I'm not sure dumber shit has been posted. Stick to Mountain Snow or Stratton.
  18. Tin

    Are you at..where you want to be

    You'll still jump shit and not a pussy like most people in this thread.