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  1. cyrk007

    anyone going to K-mart sunday?

    cause i am... anyone else?... anyone? beuller? :P
  2. cyrk007

    The Official 2/21 Storm Discussion Thread

    well looks like another dump... another powder day approaches.. I will be at haystack in the morning.. just counting the hours :wink:
  3. cyrk007

    I had a nightmare that my skis were busted... starting to jones more snow

    :-? I just woke up after a nightmare that my ski's were f'ed up and had to go check :cry: to make sure they are ok.... I need to get out there more.. too bad I cant' go today
  4. cyrk007

    am i the only one counting the hours till tomarro morning?

    my car is packed.. house is clean... dishes done.. bills organised.. laundry done..I feel like a crack addict looking at a giant rock.. watching out the window at the snow accumulating.... am i the only one that feels this way? Im obsessed and addicted... this cant be normal :)
  5. cyrk007

    anybody skiing tomarro? (sat 02/04)

    i'm going up to some place in vermont.. just wondering if anyone else is :beer:
  6. cyrk007


    http://www.killsometime.com/Video/video.asp?video=Ski-Backflip hope its not a repost.. i did a search
  7. cyrk007

    Anyone been to Mad River Glen lately?

    im thinking of going up sometime this weekend... I went to mount snow yesterday (wed), it was one of the best times i've had in a while.. but im wondering if the extra two hour drive is worth it.. i mean most places will be 100% anyways... any suggestions?