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  1. MadMadWorld

    Forecast for Colorado

    Cloudy with a chance of eating crow.....eat it dlague! Sent from my SM-N910V using AlpineZone mobile app
  2. MadMadWorld

    Maintaining the Ski Lifestyle

    Hey everyone, I'm finding it harder and harder these days to maintain the same lifestyle that I enjoyed in my younger years. With 2 little ones at home, daycare costs, work, and other commitments I am finding it impossible to stay in skiing shape let alone the disposable income needed. My...
  3. MadMadWorld

    2022 Winter Olympic Venue is...

    Beijing.....*cricket cricket* Wait what?! http://gizmodo.com/heres-the-2022-winter-olympics-venue-in-the-middle-of-1721529580
  4. MadMadWorld

    Congrats To the New Dad!

    May you enjoy the sleepless nights and all the great moments with your son Deadheadskier!
  5. MadMadWorld

    First Time Skiing

    I was going to put this in a trip report but since it will probably benefit no else I will just post it here. On Sunday I took my 2 year old out on skis for the first time. It was the first time pretty much all season where the weekend had snow as well as reasonable temps for her to enjoy. We...
  6. MadMadWorld

    Mad River Glen - 02/08/15

    MRG had been slammed by numerous storms and an unplanned 8-12 inches on Saturday made a visit mandatory. Made the trip with DHS and Savemesammy as well as met up with Riverc0il. Everything was open including the Tower 4 and 5 cliffs which is a rare occurrence. Lots of snow on the trails but the...
  7. MadMadWorld

    Mini Summit 2.0?

    For all the non cool kids that aren't headed to Sugarloaf....anyone interested in planning something? I forget where we went last year but it was a decent group. Let me know if anyone is interested
  8. MadMadWorld

    Last minute planning...

    Anyone want to make turns tomorrow? Skiing solo in the cold is not fun. Open to ideas!
  9. MadMadWorld

    Burke - 01/25/15

    Conditions: Variable I hadn't been to Burke in 25 or so years and it was about time for me to give it a shot. I don't really remember much from my first visit so I was pretty much a newbie. Here is my summary of the day: The conditions yesterday varied a great deal from one trail section to...
  10. MadMadWorld

    Who's skiing tomorrow and where?

    I'm skiing solo and trying to figure out what others are doing.
  11. MadMadWorld

    Thread Brainstorming Thread

    I feel like threads lately have been pretty boring. Put on your thinking cap and let the creative juices flow!
  12. MadMadWorld

    McConkey Documentary *Spoilers*

    Has anyone else seen this? Was flipping through the channels last night and saw it on Showtime and....wow. It was depressing to watch home movies of him skiing with his daughter. What was shocking to me was the end....he died (spoiler!) Throughout the documentary they hinted that they were going...
  13. MadMadWorld

    Platonic Skiing Partner of the Opposite Sex

    Does anyone have a platonic skiing partner? Oh hell, if it's more than platonic I would like to hear as well! I stumbled upon this and found it amusing... http:// http://www.justanswer.com/relationship/7mwjp-boyfriend-went-skiing-few-days-platonic-woman.html
  14. MadMadWorld

    Best Trail Pod?

    And why
  15. MadMadWorld

    Who Is the Best Skier On the Board?

    I'm sure this will turn into an angry flame war but I'm honestly curious what people think. Here are the rules: 1. You can't nominate yourself 2. Video evidence of said skier is preferred. 3. Disagreements will be settled with a best of 7 ski off
  16. MadMadWorld

    Never Have I Ever....(ski version)

    ......Lost a ski off!
  17. MadMadWorld

    New Ski Area in Utah

    I'm sure TrailBoss has some intel on this. Looks like a small area with some cool terrain features. It's rare that new areas pop so I am encouraged by this! http://fox13now.com/2014/08/14/utahs-15th-ski-resort-to-open-this-winter/
  18. MadMadWorld

    Tips for Skiing on Sand

    Where is Highway Star when I need him?
  19. MadMadWorld

    The Gnar Dog

    Now thats how you stomp a landing like a boss
  20. MadMadWorld

    Jay Peak 04/19

    Will be heading up for the day. Anyone planning on going? Mishka and I will be carpooling if anyone else is interested in ridesharing let me know.