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  1. JDMRoma

    Weekend storm thread....

    Wind was brutal at Cannon, Got 6 runs before they shut it down ! Guy was blown out of lift line at the cannonball...lol ! Wind coming up Avalanche was sandblasting white out, could barely hold any speed !
  2. JDMRoma

    NH lift lines

    weekends have been way longer than 3 minutes at Cannon, Saturdays anyway !
  3. JDMRoma

    first real storm?

    Actually YES, Cannon got maybe 6 inches in a storm 2 years ago and Burke got nailed with over 20. I was an awesome day in the woods at Burke !!
  4. JDMRoma

    Steamboat vs Utah

    Ive spent a few Christmas vacations there a few years ago that were Amazing ! Deep fresh snow and super light ! Best Glades Ive ever skied ! Loved the town, lots to do for non skiers. Stayed at One Steamboat place....didnt suck !
  5. JDMRoma

    Ski Resort Response to COVID-19

    They wont let you cross the NH line !! Blue Hills for you !! Just kidding !!
  6. JDMRoma

    Skiing is back!

    Cannon, BrettonWoods and Waterville all closed on the same day. March 18th
  7. JDMRoma

    Ski Resort Response to COVID-19

    I saw someone on superstar earlier today on the way up ! Looks like TONS of snow left !
  8. JDMRoma

    Favorite Classic "New England" Runs

    Probably My favorite run at Cannon, mix in few different endings and Id be good lapping it all day !!
  9. JDMRoma

    Looking for advice on joining a ski club/lodge.

    Seems to be doing well, I worked with a lady that is a member. She always raved about it, and all the perks ! almost worth moving !!
  10. JDMRoma

    Looking for advice on joining a ski club/lodge.

    Theres a South Attleboro ski club right on route 3 before Bretton Woods, not sure about the couple thing but you would need to live in South Attleboro or know someone who could get you in.
  11. JDMRoma

    Quebec the roads less traveled

    Ive never been, whats the drive time on Lemassif say from southern NH ? Definatly ready to travel !
  12. JDMRoma

    Bretton Woods - SuperBowl Sunday 2/2/2020

    That nightmare is the New normal on weekends and Holidays with the Gondola. Mid Week is Great with the Exception of them not running the Zephyr. Good to know you can still avoid the lines over at west, Havent been back over since its been open ! Crowds were Insane early January !
  13. JDMRoma

    Steamboat Jan 12th - 14th (pics)

    I stayed at one steamboat place when I was there, didnt suck at all. I definately shed a few tears when my brother sold the condo 2 years ago. Beautiful area and chill town, wouldnt hesitate to go back given the chance !
  14. JDMRoma

    Steamboat Jan 12th - 14th (pics)

    Awesome Pics, Love Steamboat ! Miss it dearly ! The trees are spaced so nicely !
  15. JDMRoma

    This weekend

    Cannon Upper Mountian lifts never ran while I was there, closed on Sunday. Gonna need a lot of resurfacing to get it back to skiable ! Mid mountain was showing some serious damage late afternoon saturday before the rain !
  16. JDMRoma

    2018 Head SuperShape I Ralleys

    and Im not selling them !
  17. JDMRoma

    Did I buy the wrong skis??

    Those are a fun ski ! Demo'd them and the Enforcer 93, both real good east coast skis !
  18. JDMRoma

    2018 Head SuperShape I Ralleys

    These are back up for sale for $350
  19. JDMRoma

    The "Sugarbush Thread"

    That Holiday Rate is Awesome !
  20. JDMRoma

    2018 Head SuperShape I Ralleys

    Not selling these anymore !