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  1. dmw

    The NEW Magic Mountain

    Cool, I'll send a PM tonight if my friends are on board when we meet tonight. We hold these truths to be self evident, that's the plan - Thanks!
  2. dmw

    The NEW Magic Mountain

    I may hit Magic Saturday with other first time Magic visitors, may need to sell them on the idea - what do you think of lift lines this weekend, I think I may have seen some mention of a race? Also considering Bromley and then Stratton Sunday - never been to any of them so pretty stoked.
  3. dmw

    Change Alpinezone to DlagueZone

  4. dmw

    Where are you skiing today!

    Any Crotched regulars have any insight on whether the Rocket is likely to spin tomorrow, i.e. wind issues?
  5. dmw

    2015/16 Ski Trip Planning..

    I was out there a few weeks ago. The best approach I found was a credit card and a blindfold.
  6. dmw

    Best West Coast conditions (February 2016)?

    Regarding Logan parking - look up Logan Economy Lot. 20/day, tops out at 120/week. Frequent shuttle, airport run, it's always worked for me. I've used it about 5 times in the past year.
  7. dmw

    Copper Mountain. Presidents Week. A Season in 4 Days

    Staying near Breck, heading over to Vail for a day, splitting the other days between Breck, maybe Keystone / ABasin / slight chance Copper. It's a group of 6 guys, many variables at play in our plans. Either way, stoked there's some snow going on tonight to refresh things. Looks dry but nice the...
  8. dmw

    Copper Mountain. Presidents Week. A Season in 4 Days

    I'm landing in Denver in 24 hrs. Thanks for the stoke!
  9. dmw

    Cannon Lover's Thread

    I didn't realize trail count was still so low. Was originally thinking Sunday, now considering Saturday and leave early to get home for the game.
  10. dmw

    Cannon Lover's Thread

    Cannon lovers - do you foresee Saturday or Sunday the better day this weekend?
  11. dmw

    Potential Storm

    3" of potential every hour.
  12. dmw

    Potential Storm

    Sounds great. When.
  13. dmw

    What's up with Waterville? Waterville Vs. Loon

    I just heard a radio ad on 98.5 for Waterville, they must be monitoring this thread.
  14. dmw

    12-28-15 Weekly Skiing on the Cheap

    I think I saw that Cannon is 2 for $75 Friday as well. Considering it.
  15. dmw

    The Star Wars Thread!!

    I just saw it. Liked it, but thought it was slightly cheesy, slightly too much of the humor, and story too close to the original. That being said I'd probably watch it again, and will see the follow ups.
  16. dmw

    Skiing on the Cheap - 2015-16 Edition

    Ragged $19 12/19-1/1 http://raggedmountainresort.com/Blog/
  17. dmw

    Skiing on the Cheap - 2015-16 Edition

    Try this link, though it may be iPhone specific http://getadored.net/dl/qavh3-l86u2 I originally signed up by texting SKI to 1 (484) 575-4226
  18. dmw

    Skiing on the Cheap - 2015-16 Edition

    I think you need to re-download the Adored app specifically from the link in the text they sent, it worked for me yesterday. Pretty cool that it's a no blackout $25 ticket.
  19. dmw

    Ski Expo loot

    No name on the voucher. It's a $1200+ pass, I think he's looking to sell it for about 800 or b/o.