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  1. C-Rex

    Smuggs 2/19-2/21

    Seven friends and I went up to Smuggs on this past weekend for our annual trip. Of course, given the season we've had, we weren't expecting much. Figured we'd make the best of the conditions and if it was really bad, well, that's what booze is for. However, we ended up with a pretty good...
  2. C-Rex

    Conditions at Smuggs?

    I have a condo booked this coming weekend at Smuggs. Anyone been lately? How are things? Any woods in play? I'm not sure I even want to know, but whatever, we'll make the best of whatever we get. Beer can make anything better.
  3. C-Rex

    WANTED: Splitboard

    I've been looking for a splitboard for a while now, and this year I'm determined to make it happen. My riding budget is going to be a bit reduced this season so I want to make up for it by earning some turns. So, if anyone has a splitboard they want to sell/trade, please let me know.
  4. C-Rex

    $19.54 Lift tickets at Mount Snow

    Mount Snow is doing $19.54 tickets for their last day this coming Sunday. You have to pre-purchase online but the weather looks nice so I think I'm going to try to make up there. Anyone else?
  5. C-Rex

    Tuckerman trip. Who's in?

    For the past several years I've been trying to get to Tuckerman. No one in my core group of ski/snowboard buddies is interested. I really don't want to let another year pass without making it happen. So, does anyone want to plan a trip? Or is anyone planning a trip that they'd be willing to...
  6. C-Rex

    Jackson Hole 3/18 to 3/25

    Ahhhh, Jackson. What a town. What a mountain! After having to cancel my trip to Red Mountain, BC due to lack of snow, Jackson was an easy choice. My travel agent got us an awesome deal at the last minute so off we went. Days 1,2 and 3 were bluebird and warm. Definite spring conditions...
  7. C-Rex

    Your top 3 places in North America to ski/snowboard

    Rules are they must be lift serviced and open to the public. Mine, just from what I've heard and read, in no particular order Jackson Hole Big Sky Kicking Horse
  8. C-Rex

    Well this sucks...

    I just got a call from my travel agent. We had a trip to Red Mountain in BC planned for the 17th to the 24th, but they have no snow. The only terrain that's open is greens and blues. However, Red was kind enough to call my agent and offer either a discount if we decide to go anyway, or a...
  9. C-Rex

    Dispicable people

    Despicable people http://snowbrains.com/snowboarder-avalanche-gear-dies-utah-avalanche-today/ I saw this article on Facebook yesterday. Sad news. But what was even more sad, and angering, to me were the insensitive and disgusting comments attached to it. The kid who died, at 21 years old...
  10. C-Rex

    Douchebag litterbugs

    While at Berkshire East yesterday I saw something that pissed me off. On the way up the new quad, some douchebag on the chair in front of us dropped an empty bottle of Fireball whiskey off the lift. At first I thought it might have been an accident but after a couple runs I noticed they never...
  11. C-Rex

    Plattekill 3/1, Berkshire East 3/2

    I FINALLY had a chance to meet THE Scottyskis this past Sunday. A friend and I made the trip out to Plattekill to pop our Catskills cherry. We picked up Scotty at Potter Bros. on the way. He was a most gracious tour guide as he told us of various points of interest throughout the drive...
  12. C-Rex

    Stratton 2/22: Powder Day!

    I hadn't been to Stratton in I don't know how long. Long enough where I didn't recognize anything when I got there. I was prepared for the worst after hearing all about it's somewhat poor reputation but man, did I get a pleasant surprise! We arrived around 8:15 AM and parked at the Sunbowl...
  13. C-Rex

    Tuckerman Ravine 2015

    I've been trying to check Tucks off my list for several years now and it never worked out. This year I'm dedicated to making it happen. I have a new lady-friend that has done it twice and is going to take me with her this year. I want to start gathering gear for the trip now so I have time to...
  14. C-Rex

    Ruroc helmets

    I think this has been brought up before, but what's the consensus? At first I thought they were kinda stupid but the more I see them the more I'm intrigued. Especially lately with the extreme cold and the issues I've been having keeping my goggles from fogging while wearing a mask. IMO, they...
  15. C-Rex

    Mount Snow 2/13: 2 for $49

    If you buy by tomorrow, that is. Anyone taking thier sweetie for some turns? I'll probably be there with a potential new lady friend. :beer:
  16. C-Rex

    Killington 2/6 & 2/7, Magic 2/9.

    What a weekend!! Thursday night I went up to a friend's family's house in Springfield, VT. We had around 25 people coming up to ski, ride, and party. However, most had to work friday so it was just a group of 4 going to Killy that day. The snow was fantastic. I never heard an edge scrape...
  17. C-Rex

    Remember back around the holidays...

    ...when everyone was complaining about r@!n and how the winter was going to suck? That was funny. After this weekend, I think I'll have more powder days than normal days this season... :snow::thumbup::beer: I hope everyone is getting out and ripping this fluffy white goodness. Cheers!!
  18. C-Rex

    Smuggs Deal: You're welcome!

    Ok, you all owe me a beer (each, not one collectively, ya stingy bastards!) for this one. For the past 2 years I've gotten a great deal for a weekend at Smuggs. If you fill a condo it ends up being $150/person for 2 nights lodging and a 3 day lift ticket, or like $225/person for 3 nights...
  19. C-Rex

    Berkshire East 1/28

    After getting home from Mount Snow on Tuesday, my friend called and complained about how jealous she was, and that she couldn't get anyone to go skiing with her. So I did the honorable thing; burned a vacation day and took her to Berkshire East. We got there late, around 10:00, but there was...
  20. C-Rex

    Smuggs 1/9-1/11

    For the second year now I've taken advantage of a great deal on a condo and tickets at Smuggler's Notch. Six friends and I payed $150 each and got 2 nights stay in a Liftside Condo on Morse Mountain and a 3 day lift ticket. Can't beat that! We left my house in Enfield at 7:30 Friday morning...