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    Georgia Ski Lift Failure

    Youtube video might not be work safe, looks horrible Link Claims 8 with Minor injuries I couldn't watch the whole thing Stolen from TGR
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    One of those Days 3

    Another Candide Thovex video. Amazing. R1NagZN2kjY
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    Ski Mont Miller - Murdochville - May 2/3 - 2015

    After hiking up my local ski hill for the past 2 weekends I decided I needed more. It also worked out that the hill I wanted to ski was open and my girlfriend was out of town. I fell in love with the Gaspe peninsula when I visited there this winter and have been hoping to make it back ever...
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    NB/Gaspee lift Served Skiing - Feb 25 - March 3

    First I will apologize for my crappy cell camera pictures that were taken with very little thought. If the pictures links break, they should be available here I started my trip with a powder day at my local hill, Crabbe Mountain which is outside of Fredericton New Brunswick Day 1 - Wednesday...