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  1. Ridge Racer

    Could use some help planning a trip out west

    Not sure why people hate on SLC. Sure there's some blight but you're not skiing in SLC. Rent a condo in Sandy or Cottonwood Heights and you'll never have to see it. I've spent a fortune staying in Tahoe and spent MUCH less staying in Midvale and Layton. Guess which I liked better? I'll take...
  2. Ridge Racer

    Snowbird Update: Little Cloud Double to be Replaced, New Mountain Coaster

    Exciting. The tram to the twins would be awesome. I'd rather see it go up from mineral basin since I like riding the Peruvian lift but beggers can't be choosers. Thanks for the update.
  3. Ridge Racer

    Major Tapatalk update on iOS

    This. Unfortunately Android phone makers (sans Samsung) are going the way of no external memory or removable battery also. Luckily Samsung is seemingly bucking the trend.
  4. Ridge Racer

    Could use some help planning a trip out west

    If you drive by alta bird you would kick yourself. In fact just go to Utah and ski the cottonwoods. My avatar is from snowbird last year when a supposed 4 inches turned into a foot.... on top of the 2 feet they got 2 days before.
  5. Ridge Racer

    Ski Summit Height Inflation

    Or Elk Mt. It's no secret that blue extended the home stretch "trail" to surpass that magical 1,000 number and claim Pennsylvania's highest vert.